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Vicaima at the forefront of Trends for 2018

Vicaima at the forefront of Trends for 2018

Inspired by the changes in the world and of changing fashions, Vicaima, follows the international trends for interior decoration in 2018 – a position reflected in the recently presented solutions in the new company brochures for this New Year.

Inevitably current topics, global changes, social and cultural dynamics reflect the interior design. In this sense, in 2018 there is a tendency for emotional balance and interior (r)evolution which translates into relaxing neutral environments that can promote creativity and happiness.

Vicaima Doors

Colours make a comeback in 2018, and they are bolder: Bordeaux, royal blue, golden, mustard yellow and dark green. To complete this palette for next year there are more comebacks: ancient pink, beige and brown, colours for neutral environments transmitting balance and serenity.

Vicaima Colours

These and similar colours are very much in evidence within the finishes presented within Vicaima’s ranges this year. The sober colours are in line with the trendiest palettes for 2018, as is the case with grey, champagne or Bordeaux tones, or other more jovial colours like light blue and orange or the perennial white.

Vicaima Doors - Stained Dark Champagne

DK HD Colours Dark Grey

DK HD Colours Blue Seas

The usage of woods and natural elements, tribal prints, handicraft references and reliefs are highlighted for the interior design in 2018, as well as ancient pieces embedded in the furniture.

So, there is a general trend to go back to the roots evident in the Baroque influence, usage of velvets, dark wood or even blends with a touch of modern Scandinavian and vintage charm.

Vicaima Doors

Vicaima F6400 Walnut

Vicaima Wardrobes

Introspection is the key word. Visually soft environments encourage creativity, breaks and balance, and are promoted by a wide range of decorative elements which make the interior spaces richer complementing several states of mind.

Dekordor SD Desert

Besides the concrete that is shown as creator of simple and unpretentious structures, marble used in surfaces, fabrics, rugs and wallpapers is a trend for 2018.

Vicaima, aware and even ahead of trends, reflects the harmony, cohesion among decorations related to nature, light, classical and bold colours through versatile and perfect solutions to transform any decorative environment into a space suitable for inner peace and reflection.