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Pop Up Power Supplies

Pop Up Power Supplies® provide a range of innovative outdoor power units to help Civil Engineers power built-up environments of the future

The UK built environment is continually changing and adapting to various external influences – economic conditions, technological advances, political influences or social demands.

Developments to the infrastructure are crucial not only economically but also socially – enhancing the quality of life for the people who live there. Innovation is also a key driver for such developments and advancing technology plays a big role in making urban places safer and more inspiring. Civil engineers continuously source the construction landscape for products to use which benefit their civil projects.

Pop Up Power Supplies ® supply a range of practical and innovative retractable service units that supply a safe, effective power source for urban spaces and outdoor places. The units can be lowered back into the ground when not in use therefore minimising their impact on local surroundings.

Powering the way for a stronger UK built environment

The UK construction landscape is looking positive going into 2018 after a positive finish to 2017. The number and value of construction contracts, as well as output levels, has increased and look set to increase further throughout the year.

There is continued development and expansion plans on the infrastructure, where civil engineers, architects, contractors work together to create more efficient buildings, transport systems, industrial structures and urban spaces, to cope with society’s growing demands.

Town centres are being re-developed by local area councils in an attempt to drive shoppers back to the high street to favour local, independent retailers and cafes. Here, market days, craft and food festivals, charity fundraisers and more events are held in an attempt to engage communities and encourage shoppers to visit.

Part of such town centre re-generation projects include specifying an outdoor electricity supply to power such events. Pop Up Power Supplies ® supply a range of retractable service units which provide a safe power supply to town centres across the UK. Locations such as Gravesham (Kent), Covent Garden (London), and Stamford (Lincolnshire) all benefit from our innovative pop up power units which provide a reliable power supply while being sensitive to local surroundings.

Innovative power supplies for urban spaces and outdoor places

Situated in the cobbled piazza area at Covent Garden, the PUPS01 pop up power units provide a stable power supply for various stalls and events every week. When the power units are needed, they are raised out of the ground and provide a combination of 16A and 32A electric sockets, in single and three phase, with RCBO protection. When the events finish and the piazza clears of stalls, the power units are simply lowered back into the ground where they have no impact on the historic aesthetics of the piazza area.

Pop Up Power Supplies

Pop Up Power Supplies

The In-Ground Units (also known as Flip Lid Units) installed at Stamford town centre solved a problem for the Council Planners, as they required an outdoor power source to replace all of the unsightly power cables used to power the market stalls. These often posed various trip and electrocution hazards as well as restricted access for shoppers. The in ground power units provide an efficient power source for the market stalls and operate with the lids firmly locked down, preventing any public access. The covers of the flip lid units are recessed so paving can be installed in the top, making them adaptable to the surrounding environment. They are also tested unfilled to FACTA Class B loadings.

Pop Up Power Supplies

George Parker, director of Pop Up Power Supplies ®, comments, “Our range of pop up power units are used extensively within the UK built environment, including town centres, retail parks, heritage sites, sports stadiums, universities, parks and other outdoor spaces. Civil Engineers, architects, contractors and urban designers appreciate the functionality of the power units together with the fact they are sensitive to their local environment as they can be lowered into the ground when not in use.

Pop Up Power Supplies

We have worked with many councils throughout the UK providing innovative power solutions for their town centres and other outdoor spaces.”

We work closely with some of the UK’s leading contractors, architects and civil engineers, creating bespoke outdoor power solutions for their civil projects. Our range of outdoor power supply units enable built environments to become safer, more aesthetically pleasing and more efficient, helping to pave the way for a more sustainable future.