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Specifier Review - Architecture, Design & Innovation on Feedspot

Specifier Review – Architecture, Design & Innovation on Feedspot

Specifier Review has been featured as one of the Top 100 architectural websites on Feedspot.

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RSS has some very significant advantages over the other two methods of keeping in touch with a website (i.e bookmarking a site or subscribing to its newsletter). You don’t have to save the site in your browser’s bookmark section and visit it regularly to check any new updates. As and when the site is updated, you can read it in Feedspot. Further, you don’t have to disclose your email address to subscribe to the ezine of the site/blog. You only need to add the address of the RSS feed in your Feedspot account. This ensures that you’ll never need to worry about receiving unsolicited mails in your inbox.

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Specifier Review publishes regular updates on the latest building product innovations, architectural projects & informative articles from construction industry experts and manufacturers.