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A New Garage Door – Refurbishment Made Easy

Rundum Meir Sliding Garage doors have always been one step ahead of the competition. Safe, convenient and of lasting value. The idea of combining the functions of both garage door and pedestrian entrance, coupled with maximum safety and ease of operation, is as good today as it was in 1968. These round the corner garage doors run smoothly, quietly and can be operated manually by children and the elderly without much fuss or danger: no springs and no possibility of doors dropping inadvertently.

Rundum Meir sliding garage doors

Rundum Meir sliding garage doors
The Retail Quarter 10 m x 4 m

Rundum Meir sliding garage doors allow for the use of the full garage width and height – indeed you can even have full use of a side wall with the installation of a partition. No tracks and door under the ceiling.

Top and side fascias can be made to match the door, thereby making Rundum Meir the ideal solution for all extremely large entrances where there is very little headroom. This in turn also provides easy access for tall vehicles.

Due to its unique design, the Rundum Original – Round the Corner garage door is able to follow and complement the curves of your building or opening – see the Downley House door for a concave round the corner door.

Sliding Garage Door

– Traditional tongue and grove design

– With u-channels or surface-mounted guides

– Suitable for unusual elevations, such as curved buildings or a traditional building such as a coach house

– Manufactured from solid timber laths or foam-filled aluminium profiles in various finishes

– Minimal headroom requirement

– Few width or height restrictions apply

The sliding garage door curtain is suspended from a top track. The bottom of the sliding garage door is guided in a traditional u-channel or surface-mounted, inverted T-bar, dispensing with the need to embed a u-channel. Door storage is usually along internal garage walls. Quiet and easy manual or Rundum Meir remote controlled operation is ensured by low noise, hard rubber encased ball bearing guide wheels. This Rundum Meir sliding garage door can be partially opened to allow pedestrian access or single bay use.

Rundum Meir sliding garage doors

The unique design means that Rundum Meir sliding garage doors can be opened to any width. This gives you a unique door-within-a-door system.

The special construction of the Rundum Meir Original-Around-The-Corner means added safety. There are no cables nor torsion springs that could break.

Even large-size sliding garage doors can be opened easily by children and the elderly, opening a door is no longer dependent on physique. Ball-bearing mounted guide-rollers make our sliding garage doors open extremely quietly.

New build, conversions, renovations- available for all conceivable door types and openings.

Rundum Meir sliding garage doors
Side-Sliding: Sectional

A New Garage Door - Refurbishment Made Easy 1

A New Garage Door - Refurbishment Made Easy 2

A New Garage Door - Refurbishment Made Easy 3


Rundum Meir sliding garage doors provide flexible layout options with almost any scale of door available. Rundum Meir use quality components and hardware. Manual or unique Rundum Meir remote control operation is available. Door gear, door curtain and automation are provided as one warranted package.


Rundum Meir take great care to select the best materials. Quality materials such as timber, copper, aluminium, steel and glass can be used. We purchase tree trunks specifically for our customers. Trunks are quarter- or rift sawn before use. Our solid timber range includes spruce, sapele, hemlock, cedar, larch, European oak and iroko. Other timbers may be available on request.


Timber finishes are agreed with our customers and can include a range of products such as stains, paints or oils from a variety of manufacturers. Metal doors can be powder-coated to any RAL or BS colour.


Rundum Meir operators have been specifically designed to provide outstanding operation, convenience and safety. Developed in accordance with the latest Euro standards 13241-1, 12453 and 12445 relating to dynamic and static forces at the leading edges and sides.

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