Specifier Review

Fast curing Kemperspeed pedestrian traffic systems

When speed really counts – The solution is KEMPERSPEED pedestrian traffic systems

A complete project in one day – Fast application and rapid curing for balconies, walkways and terraces.

Facing a waterproofing project where every minute counts? When using KEMPEROL® AC Speed, the waterproofed surface can be walked on after just 35 minutes and recoated after 60 minutes.

The advantages are obvious:

KEMPEROL® AC Speed is proven in use and has been developed to give you:

– Rapid application and minimum disruption

– Effective use of time and optimum costing

– High level of planning reliability even for difficult weather conditions

– Reduced costs due to fewer site visits and less downtime

– Offers all the benefits of KEMPEROL® liquid applied waterproofing

Multiple applications

KEMPEROL® AC Speed can be used for both new build and refurbishment projects over concrete, screed and asphalt substrates and is ideal for the protection of:

– Balconies

– Walkways

– Terraces