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Changing Attitudes to Green Infrastructure in the UK

With increasing pressure on ground level green spaces it comes as no surprise that we are experiencing a growing momentum across the UK in the number of green roofing and green walling projects. The increased growth in green infrastructure is taking place across the board and includes residential, commercial and public development projects.

Though cynically, many of the commercial projects have no doubt come about as a result of ticking the necessary boxes to meet their corporate social responsibility targets, the overall trend can only be a good thing (especially when compared with the sterile tall buildings covered with sheets of glass).

Linked Urban Eco-System

As mentioned in our previous articles, the growth in green roofing has largely originated in London as part of the GLR’s planning policy. This is also strongly backed up by the Mayor’s enthusiasm for reducing pollution in the capital and his general interest in urban greening.

Green Roof Maintenance

There has obviously been a shift in thinking over the past few years regarding green infrastructure and the benefits that can be gained by creating a linked up urban eco-system. By linking together parks, open spaces, trees, squares, streets, woodland and even waterways it is possible to make our urban areas a much healthier, safer and richer place to live and work in.

Green Roof Regional Planning Policies

Generally speaking, the growth in green infrastructure has been driven by local and regional planning policies. London aside, we’ve seen a positive attitude from councils in Sheffield and Brighton even though they have no specific policy in place. However, we expect this to change as part of a wider policy programme that aims to combat climate change. This will see the regions experience a greater proliferation of installed green roofing systems. This shift of focus from London to the rest of the UK cannot come quick enough in terms of the wider benefits to be gained.

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The need for more housing provides an ideal opportunity for the construction sector to get on board. When suitably supported by local planning authorities, we have seen that developers quickly modify their thinking towards greener housing developments. With the right policies in place, it would be a matter of time before regional developers start to appreciate the value of green roofs when marketing their properties. These green roof spaces can be built into the infrastructure of the buildings to be enjoyed by residents or employees as an amenity with proper legal access.

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What Next For Your Green Roofing Project?

To chat about your forthcoming project call us on 0844 057 0359. We’re happy to give advice and can supply everything you’ll need for your green roof including a root resistant membrane, your sedum and importantly your lightweight and organic green roof growing medium.


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