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Safer by co-operation

A new agreement between the Chartered Association of Building Engineers (CABE) and the Association for Project Safety (APS) will help ensure British buildings are safer and better designed. 

The new partnership aims to enhance the professionalism of building construction, management and engineering in the United Kingdom. The Memorandum of Understanding – signed today (Tuesday 26 June 2018) – means members of both professional organisations are able to share and build on the expertise and experience of colleagues across the construction sector to improve the skills and knowledge.

Dr Gavin Dunn, CABE CEO said: “The signing of this MOU represents a great opportunity to bring the relevant and competent skills of both organisations together to offer a joined-up approach to representation of our industry.

It clearly shows that we recognise the importance of health, safety and well-being at the heart of all we do, not only in the construction industry but in the design and operational aspects of the built environment.  These actions allow us to ensure a valid and meaningful contribution to society with a strengthened voice.”

Bobby Chakravarthy, APS President said: “Safer buildings and construction sites must be a priority for the UK construction sector. And, at the heart of delivering the improvements we all want to see, is the need to share the vast knowledge and experience held within the professions across the sector. I believe today’s ground-breaking agreement between the Chartered Association of Building Engineers [CABE] and the Association for Project Safety [APS] will help members access a deeper pool of skills and information and help ensure everyone can keep up to date with changes and developments in the UK construction industry.”

The agreement means that members of CABE and APS will be able to access conferences, training courses and CPD events organised by both associations on the same basis and for the same price as members of the other organisation. CABE and APS will exchange their publications allowing members to keep up to date with current developments.

Members of either organisation, meeting the membership requirements of the other, will be able, and encouraged, to apply for membership of the other body.

For further information on membership of CABE, please contact the Membership Team on 01604 404121 or e-mail membership@cbuilde.com