Specifier Review

Roof-Walk for fragile roofs

A fully guarded rolling work platform mounted on twin tracks to enable you to move up and down the roof.

Protection for Fragile Roofs

Designed to overcome the challenges with working on fragile roofs, and provide the user with a safe working position for skin maintenance, inspection, cleaning or re-sealing work.

Roof-Walk’s rolling platform is available as 4.6m as standard, although it can also be made as a 2.5m platform, and runs up and down twin modular 4m linking track sections that are fitted with safety mesh and support battens, that rest on the roof, and requires no penetration of the fragile roof.

Features and Benefits

– Suitable for fragile roofs

– Adjustable to pitches up to 30 degrees

– Easily transportable

– Simple and Quick to use

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