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Green roofs store rainwater in the plants and growing medium.

Sedum Roof Staffordshire

Riefa supplied a sedum roof to a new garden office in Staffordshire. The installation is almost text book in that the flat roof has a perfect pitch for minimal drainage , the parapets are the perfect height at 50 mm, this being the optimum for preventing wind desiccation whilst allowing views of the fauna from the ground .

The garden room is ideally positioned within the tree canopy to allow the full benefit of shade from full summer sun and the best of the winter light.

Riefa® Board is a unique ultra light weight roof greening product. The first and only green roofing system suitable for both new build and legacy roof projects. Ideal for sedum roof or bespoke planting.

What Next?

To chat about your green roof project call us on 0844 057 0359. We’re happy to give advice and can supply everything you’ll need for your green roof including a root resistant membrane, your sedum and importantly your lightweight,  organic green roof growing medium


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