slope mounted roof anchor

The Roof Edge Pitched Roof Solution

Roof safety can be a difficult task when it comes to pitched roofs, as the angle can make it difficult to ensure staff or contractors carrying out work are properly protected.

Fortunately, the Roof Edge range of permanently fixed roof anchors provides an easy to install, cost effective solution for pitched roof safety.

Our Roof Edge slope mounted anchors are independently tested to EN 795, EN 517 and CE approved to PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Directive.

The slope mounted roof anchor is suitable for installation on most types of roof support and allows workers to attach a safety lanyard to a secure anchor point. The anchor is specially designed to be mounted on the slope of the roof, which enables it to be fixed next to the access point.

slope mounted roof anchor

Benefits of the slope mounted roof anchor include:

– Safe and secure work on all sloping roof

– Cost effective alternative to scaffolding

– Permanent and secure anchor point

– External lead slate piece allows thermal movement and protects against water ingress

– Suitable for most roofs including slated, tiled, metal tiled and metal clad

– Top fix for cladded roofs provides the ideal alternative to life line systems when cost is an issue

Roof Edge’s range of roof anchors are easy and quick to install directly to the building’s support structure.

It can be adjusted to fit a wide range of trusses from 45mm x 97mm up to 75mm x 250mm and includes an external lead slate piece which ensures the integrity of the building envelope once the anchor has been installed. The anchor is suitable for one user only.

As with all fall protection systems, the slope mounted roof anchor must be maintained and examined at least once a year.

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