waterproofing solution

Fixing water ingress in a leisure complex

Barnsley Metrodome Leisure Complex specified a durable waterproofing solution to fix the problem of water ingress through the roof. Stuart Hicks from Kemper System reports.

The Barnsley Metrodome Leisure Complex in South Yorkshire has provided a much-enjoyed fitness and leisure facility for the local community and its visitors since opening its doors in 1989. Operated by Barnsley Premier Leisure (BPL), a not-for-profit leisure trust established in 1999, areas of the roof at the venue started to experience water ingress and required immediate attention to ensure day-to-day running of the complex was not disrupted.

NPS Barnsley, on behalf of Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council, manages Barnsley Metrodome. Water had started to leak through the existing felt roof and into the busy gymnasium area at the leisure centre — creating a health and safety risk to visitors and potentially damaging expensive equipment. NPS Barnsley recognised a quick yet durable waterproofing solution was required to restore the damage.

Working with the specialist technical team at Kemper System, a solution was developed to refurbish the 400m2roof area. David Howes at NPS Barnsley commented: “Timing was crucial on this particular project as the gym still needed to be in use during the refurbishment works, so speed of application was key. We also needed to upgrade the thermal performance of the building, which is why Kemper System’s Stratex Warm Roof system was specified.”

Specialist application 

The solution is an integrated warm roof, supplied as a complete system of matched components with a tongue and groove insulation board. The build-up of the system included a vapour control barrier, insulation with Kemperol 2K-PUR waterproofing membrane applied on top, ideal for application directly onto the existing metal substrate.

First, a temporary tenting system had to be erected over the entire roof to protect against any potential rainfall affecting works during removal of the existing roof coverings. Contractors Tucker and Tunstalls removed the existing felt roof, which had been subject to water penetration, to reveal the original metal profile substrate. Once the existing substrate was cleaned and primed, contractors installed the Kempertherm tapered insulation scheme. The insulation comprises of a rigid PIR board, a dense closed-cell structure with a hard top, which has a particularly low thermal conductivity of just 0.023W/mK. The vapour barrier, Kempershield, is a Class ‘O’ rated reinforced aluminium, with a self-adhesive layer.

waterproofing solution
Kemper Systems waterproofing on the roof of the Metrodome Leisure Centre, Barnsley, Yorkshire

The liquid waterproofing was then applied on top of the insulation in a single, wet-on-wet process with the reinforcement fleece laid directly into the wet resin and more resin immediately applied on top to ensure complete saturation of the fleece. This provides a visible guarantee that the right depth of coverage has been achieved, avoiding the risk of weak spots or application error.

Because the cold-applied Kemperol 2K-PUR is installed wet-on-wet, refurbishment work could be completed within the six-week project deadline. The building remained open during this time and as the gymnasium is in a busy area of the complex, the liquid waterproofing was specified because it is odourless and solvent-free, avoiding disruption to the staff and general public using the facilities. No hot works were required as part of the refurbishment, further reducing potential health and safety risks.

The design of the gymnasium roof included four rooflights and a number of smoke vents, which were upgraded and replaced during refurbishment works. The liquid-applied waterproofing resin was able to adapt to the detailing and joints around the skylights and outlets on the roof. Once application was completed, the cured resin formed a seamless, elastomeric waterproof membrane that cannot delaminate, is UV stable, and fully bonded to the substrate.

David concluded: “We were pleased that contractors were able to install Kemper System’s complete warm roof and waterproofing solution within the tight, six-week timescale with little disruption to staff and the public at this busy leisure centre — the roof has been successfully restored.”