Joist Safety Matting

Safer solar battery installation with Easi-Dec

Though many solar panels installed on roofs around the UK currently deliver collected energy straight into the National Grid, more and more homeowners are investing in solar batteries and inverters, to save the energy collected for themselves and decrease their reliance on the Grid.

Batteries allow storage of energy collected via solar panels and inverters convert this energy to AC electricity to be used anywhere in the home. As these are usually stored in the loft, beneath the panels themselves, they can bring up a host of safety and access issues during installation and maintenance.

As part of our safe access solutions range, we offer the Joist Safety Matting system, which allows safe movement across the joists of the loft, reducing the risk of breaking and falling through your customer’s ceiling whilst carrying out any works.

Designed originally for laying insulation, the Joist Safety Matting makes installing solar batteries, inverters and other systems simple, straightforward and most importantly, safe.

Made from hollow aluminium slats which roll up into a tight bundle, the mats are available for both 400mm and 600mm joist centres and in 1m lengths that can be joined if required.

The undersides of the slats are covered in heavy duty rubber to prevent accidental cable damage and the top side has anti-slip strips fitted. A base frame is also available to allow access across the joists.

The Joist Matting is not just for solar installers either, the system can be used for a variety of loft-based tasks, and could be useful for plumbers, electricians or even digital engineers. Easi-Dec’s aim is to ensure everyone can work safely and efficiently, whatever the job.

If you are interested in our Joist Safety Matting, give us a call on 01767 691812, or use our online contact form to find out more.