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Multi-million pound luxury Oman development specifies 56 In Ground Power Units for effective outdoor power

Developers working on the luxurious Al Mouj Muscat beachfront resort in Oman, required a safe power source for their outdoor areas and facilities. Specification conditions were strict for the power units. They had to offer a practical and sustainable power source that was fit for purpose, as well as having minimal impact on the beautiful aesthetics of the resort.

A collaborative approach from Pop Up Power Supplies® and Fabweld Steel Products (FSP) offered a range of In Ground Units which were successfully specified for the luxury development.

Al Mouj Muscat – luxury mixed use development based in Oman

The resort of Al Mouj Muscat can be found on the coast of Oman. It is a thriving community filled with a mix of residential and commercial buildings. The stunning mixed-use development spans 6km along the beach front and offers exceptional living spaces and leisure facilities.

Al Mouj Muscat contains around 6,000 new homes and residential plots, international hotels, an 18 hole PGA championship golf course, a 400 berth marina, a wide range of leisure facilities and many retail units. It epitomises modern living by embracing community spirit.

In Ground Power Units provide safe, sensitive outdoor power supply for Al Mouj Muscat

56 In Ground Units were supplied to the Al Mouj Muscat development. The majority of which were located around The Wave Hotel – a seven story, two hundred bed luxury hotel.

Fabweld Steel Products and Pop Up Power Supplies® worked together to create bespoke power units for the new build hospitality project. The Flip Lid Units were the power unit of choice by the developers of the Al Mouj Muscat project, and a main factor for such a decision was that they can be operated with the lids locked down.

This prevents any public access to the power units which increases safety in public areas. The chances of electrocution are significantly reduced as people can’t access the power source, as only the cables protrude from the power unit. The cables will be covered by cable protectors which also reduces the potential tripping hazard, which is often the case with more traditional outdoor power supplies e.g. external generators.

The In Ground Units provide an effective power source for outdoor events, stalls and kiosks around the hotel perimeter.

In Ground Power Units

The In Ground Power Units provided by Pop Up Power Supplies® and Fabweld Steel Products were bespoke units into which the developers were able to fit their specialist equipment.

The high-grade mild steel casing which protect the bespoke power requirements are hot dip galvanised to BS EN: ISO1461. This makes the power units particularly suitable for urban spaces, leisure facilities, town centres, shopping centres and other outdoor places with high footfall.

George Parker, Director of Pop Up Power Supplies®, commented, “We were delighted to work with Fabweld Steel Products on the Al Mouj Muscat development. Our bespoke power units provided a sustainable, effective power supply that was sensitive to the beautiful surroundings of the luxury development.

It is great to see our pop up power units have worldwide appeal, with locations in the USA, Germany, France, the UAE and more specifying our units.”

Richard Hilton, Managing Director of Fabweld Steel Products, commented, “The Al Mouj Muscat is the Sultanate’s premier lifestyle and leisure destination and demands the highest standard of visual aesthetic for this development.

The beauty of the pop up power units is that they provide a discreet power source and the recessed lid accepts paving or an alternative infill to blend perfectly with the surrounding area.”

Pop up power units for outside spaces

The simplicity of specifying the pop up plug sockets means the units are a favourite with architects, contractors, electrical engineers, developers, and other industry professionals. Our power units are supplied complete, therefore once they have been designed to the suitable specification, they are delivered to site where all the contractor has to do then is to dig the required hole and install the unit.

Fabweld Steel Products (FSP) are a Telford-based manufacturer of fabricated access covers. They regularly collaborate with Pop Up Power Supplies® to provide bespoke outdoor power solutions.

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