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sedum plants

Which sedum plants should you have on your green roof?

In this brief article, we thought it may be a good idea to look at some of the varieties of sedum plants that you may wish to include on your sedum roof.

What is sedum?

Sedum plants are also known as stonecrops. They are very hardy and can tolerate extreme conditions. This is one of the main reasons why they are so popular for planting on green roofs. Sedum plants are also easy on the eye all year round.

sedum plants

Popular types of sedum for sedum roofs

There are hundreds of sedum varieties. Naturally, some are better suited to certain environments than others, so it is best to try and source your sedum locally where possible. Here we will look at a few varieties that tend to do well in the UK on a sedum roof.

Sedum Acre

Sedum Acre is more commonly known as gold-moss stonecrop. It is a pretty star shaped yellow flowering plant. It tends to flower from spring through to the autumn. Though delicate in appearance, it is quite hardy and will tolerate long periods without water.

Sedum Album

On account of its pretty white flowers Sedum Album is also known as White Stonecrop. This tough little plant will create a dense carpet of fleshy leaves which can turn a reddish brown colour in the cooler months. Sedum Album tends to flower in mid-summer on 7-15cm stalks, but the plant as a whole offers something different all year round.

Sedum Silverstone

Delightful low growing evergreen plant with needle like bluey green foliage. In the summer, it will put out upright stems with bright star shaped yellow flowers. A hardy species that will do well in most conditions, but prefers a sunny location and well-drained soil.

Sedum Spurium Summer Glory

A beautiful sedum plant that will flower throughout the summer in the right condition. However, it will offers excellent ground cover even in poor soils. With its dark pink flowers, it will provide contrast to the other sedum plants growing on your sedum roof. It prefers a sunny location and will grow up to 15cm high.

Other sedum varieties

There are many other varieties of sedum that will thrive on a green roof including:
Hybridum, Reflexum, Sexangulare, Sedum Spurium (Purple) and Florifurnam amongst others.

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Can Riefa provide sedum plants?

Yes we can. To chat about your green roof project call us on 0844 057 0359. We’re happy to give advice and can supply everything you’ll need for your green roof including a root resistant membrane, your sedum and importantly your lightweight,  organic green roof growing medium


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