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Keeping the noise down in town, city and beyond

Jordan Jeewood discusses how quiet HVAC plant can help create a more fulfilling urban environment.

The lure of the bright lights of the big city may have waned in recent years, but 80% of us still live in urban environments in the UK.

The draw is real; the town gives us more housing opportunities (although this point has become highly contentious) more job opportunities and increased potential for wealth creation, greater choice in education, healthcare and services, and unmatched avenues for recreation and cultural pursuits.

It’s not surprising that migration to towns and cities was 70% higher than migration to rural areas in England by the end of 2016, creating 400,000 new urbanites that year.

The correct mix for our towns

With the continual influx of people into developing urban areas, it is inevitable that more buildings will be needed.

Getting the correct mix of residential and non-residential spaces is an integral part of creating a thriving and harmonious community and it can be done without automatically commandeering greenfield land to build on.

According to a 2018 survey of urban brownfield land registers from 320 local authorities in England, approximately 70,000 acres of brownfield land is available for development.

Whether we choose to refurbish an existing building, or erect a new building on an urban site, we must deeply assess its impact on the surrounding area.

Our built environments are becoming increasingly crowded and useful brownfield land may be in locations that are already densely populated. In order to maintain a pleasant environment for everyone we immediately encounter a key issue for the building’s essential HVAC equipment – Noise.

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