Specifier Review
Kee Klamp®

How we specify our Kee Klamp fittings

With more than eighty years in use in various applications around the world, Kee Klamp® fittings are a popular and effective choice for creating tubular structures, thanks to the numerous and huge benefits they provide over welded systems.

The benefits of Kee Klamp® include:

> Lower labour costs, with savings up to 70%

> No special skills or tools required for installation;

> No welding required, removing the need for hot work permits;

> No need for threading or bolting;

> Standard tubing;

> Available off the shelf and adaptable to any industry.

To meet the requirements of the numerous applications for which Kee Klamp® can be used, we offer many different kinds of fittings, which make the modular system flexible and adaptable. But how do we specify those fittings?

We have made the process of identifying and selecting which fittings you will need for your project simple and straightforward. Essentially, the first number in the product code identifies the type of fittings and a single digit, following the dash, defines the tube size.

Two digits after the dash indicates that the fitting is to receive two sizes of tube.

Kee Klamp®

For example, a 10-8 indicates a Type 10 fitting, which is designed to accept a size eight tube. Conversely, a 45-76 indicates a Type 45 fitting, where one socket of the fitting accepts a size seven tube and another accepts a size six.

We hope our specification system is as easy to follow as our systems are to install, but if you have any questions, or simply want to find out more about Kee Klamp®, or its DDA access alternative Kee Access®, please get in touch.


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