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Top 10 #FAQ about air source heat pumps

The future of heating in the UK is renewable but many have still not heard of a heat pump so product specialist, Max Halliwell, looks at the top 10 most frequently asked questions.

The government has put its backing behind air source heat pumps as the future of sustainable heating in the UK, predicting sales of over 1 million each year by 2030.

UK homes are already benefiting from renewable, reliable heating as there have already been hundreds of thousands of heat pumps of all kinds fitted over the past decade.

Yet many people have still not heard of a heat pump and are unaware of how much better they are for the environment, reducing both national emissions and their own energy consumption.

1. What is a heat pump?

You have already been using a heat pump for decades without realising it.

Your refrigerator using the same basic heat pump technology to remove the heat from the food inside the ‘box’, ejecting it to the outside and keeping the food cold.

A heat pump reverses this process and extracts heat energy from the outside air, ground or water and moves that heat into your home (hence ground source or air source heat pumps).

Using the same ‘vapour compression cycle’ as your fridge to produce heat, the heat pump can take a few degrees of outside heat and upgrade it to provide all the heating and hot water you need.

2. What is an air source heat pump?

An air source heat pump, such as the market-leading Ecodan range, is essentially a ‘box’ that sits outside your home and uses a fan to draw air through the refrigerant piping, where the heat energy is harvested and upgraded.

The heat pump runs on electricity and will ‘convert’ each kilowatt of electrical energy into 2, 3, 4 or more kilowatts of heat energy. This ‘free’ energy taken from the air is replaced each day by the sun and is therefore renewable energy.

3. How much will Ecodan cost to install?

There are a number of factors affecting the cost of installation such as the age and size of your property, the levels of insulation and thermal efficiency, the number of rooms and radiators, etc, so it is difficult to give even an average idea of cost.

However, installations are eligible for 7 years of payments under the Renewable Heat Incentive, which significantly reduces the payback period. You should also make savings on your monthly energy bill so will notice a difference almost immediately.

And, if you install and Ecodan system, this can come with a Metering and Monitoring Package (MMSP) which qualifies for an additional government payment amounting to £1,610.

We recommend talking to a few renewable heating professionals to get several quotes.

To continue reading the next question, ‘How much will I save on running costs?’ visit: https://les.mitsubishielectric.co.uk/the-hub/heat-pump-faq

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