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Aspen Pumps’ Storm Powders Shortlisted in HVR Awards

Aspen Pumps’ Storm Powders Shortlisted in HVR Awards

Aspen Pumps, the UK’s market leader in condensate removal pumps and accessories, is delighted to announce that it has been named as a finalist in the HVR Awards 2018. The company’s innovative Storm Chemicals – Powders, has been shortlisted in the HVAC Initiative of the Year category.

The HVR Awards recognises and rewards companies that demonstrate excellence in their field, outstanding technology or exceptional customer service and true innovation in the way that they operate or in what they produce.

An HVR Award is an independent endorsement of a company’s achievements within the heating and ventilating industry. Winners will be announced at a prestigious awards ceremony on Thursday 25th October at London’s Chelsea Harbour Hotel.

The revolutionary Storm Powders offers a step change for the air conditioning (AC) sector providing an innovative range of specialist maintenance and cleaning products in a convenient powder form. Traditionally, liquids and aerosols are used by engineers to clean HVACR technology. However, engineers do not always have room in their van for bottled liquids and aerosols; there can also be a danger of spillages; plus, the liquids can be heavy and cumbersome. Aspen’s Storm Chemicals therefore overcame these issues, leading the market by developing powder versions of its unique Storm liquids which are easy to use; offer pocket-sized convenience requiring minimal storage and come in prepared dosages to avoid waste.

“We are thrilled that the Storm Powders range has been shortlisted in these prestigious industry awards” said Stuart Newbury, Product Manager for Storm Chemicals at Aspen Pumps. “The decision to develop powdered chemicals centred around the need for fast, simple convenience in HVAC cleaning. With Storm powders, an engineer can carry a full range of powdered chemicals in the space of a van door pocket. The chemicals simply dissolve into water which can be mixed on site rather than an engineer needing to carry bottles of liquid chemicals, making transport easy.”

Storm Chemicals

Lightweight and easy to carry, Storm Powders not only solve storage problems in vans and in warehouses, the lightweight and easy-to-mix formulation means that installers have a much easier job on site. With one pallet of Storm Powders being the equivalent to 21 pallets of liquid cleaner, storing chemicals becomes much more flexible. Plus, the varying size of the Storm Powder sachets allows installers to carry the correct dosage of powders on site to meet job requirements, which is very convenient and means there is no danger of wastage.

Offering freedom from large, heavy bottled products, Storm Powders allows installers to keep more stock in their vans and prepare the cleaning technology only when needed. All that is required is water on site to mix the product. The powders come in 1L, 30L and 60L varieties, allowing plenty of choice for the installer, dependant on the size of the job.

Aspen Pumps is also always keen to minimise its impact on the environment and the launch of Storm Powders means there is no need for single use plastics since the powders can be mixed and applied using Storm spray bottles which can be washed and used again and again. The bottles are available in 1L, 5L and 10L sizes, as well as a convenient 250ml wash bottle size. Designed to be long lasting and convenient, these bottles will not corrode and offer a targeted all in one sprayer.

As well as the environmental benefits of Storm, Aspen is proud to have produced a product which means HVAC engineers no longer have to carry heavy bottles to site. In the last two years, 22% of all reported workplace accidents were caused by lifting and handling – Storm Powders helps reduce this risk, allowing engineers to carry small, light packets rather than heavy cumbersome bottles.

For further information on all Storm Chemicals products visit www.stormchemicals.com.

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