Specifier Review

Sculptural Staircases

A defining feature that sets the tone of the space and bridges the gap between separate floors and living areas, the staircase isn’t just a structural necessity but an opportunity to be creative and make a statement.staircase

Understanding the importance of the staircase in establishing the unique design identity of a property, the stairs form the starting point of each and every sketch that LBMV Architects create when embarking on a new project.

As a key architectural element of the house, the staircase dictates the core structure of the layout and impacts the ways in which each room interacts with the other. Such is the importance, that even minor changes to the position or shape of the stairs can lead to changes across the entire property floorplan.

With the architectural significance clear, the next step is to ensure the staircase makes a statement whilst remaining sympathetic to the period and style of the property. From materials chosen, to practical considerations and storage, the staircase can be personalised to suit all manner of lifestyle requirements.


Celebrating natural wood and panels of glass for a timeless appeal, LBMV Architects work with traditional materials to create a contemporary focal point that transforms the space. With the design personalised to each project, details from recessed handrails to under stair storage can be factored into the design to ensure a feature that combines practicality with statement style.LBMV Aechitects