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3 sustainable workspaces in London

by Ellina Webb ~ Senior Marketing Executive

After visiting the new Mitsubishi Electric office space in London Bridge, Ellina Webb looks at the sustainable construction options that are ideal for flexible working and meeting spaces.

A few weeks ago my colleague Martin Fahey spoke about our new London office located in Sustainable Bankside. This new workspace is more than just your average office though, the community is built up of 75% sustainable start-ups and 25% corporates creating an eco-corporate culture of hipster heaven.

Of the many interesting elements of the working space – which includes up cycled office furniture, filament bulbs, succulents and sofas, what stood out to me the most were the sheds!

Wooden garden sheds are located outside the building in a communal open-air space which is lined with AstroTurf, ping pong tables and an amazing wooden home that featured on Grand Designs. The sheds however aren’t there to serve their traditional purpose, they act as additional meeting rooms adorned with comfy chairs and a table – the perfect location for a meeting of about 6 people.

Quirky spaces have become popular over the past few years as more and more people look to up cycling traditional objects like double decker buses and water towers into eco and sustainable living spaces. AirBNB, market leader in holiday rentals now even has an option to choose quirky accommodation and more and more I hear about friends who have spent the weekend glamping in a luxury yurt or tree house in Devon.

When it comes to quirky office and meeting spaces, this trend seems to be making waves here too. So thought I’d discuss a few of my favourite sustainable options.

The sheds at Sustainable Bankside, London Bridge

Sustainable Bankside has taken a disused warehouse and turned it into a temporary sustainable workspace for start-ups, using up cycled and recycled materials and as I’ve just mentioned, the use of sheds as meeting rooms is genius. With the outside space available this low cost way of providing additional private meeting areas is ideal for summer use. The sheds themselves are bog standard and I’m my opinion is a great way to recycle and up cycle a discarded outhouse.

Of course a little bit of work is required to make them work appropriate, at the least a good clean to ensure the critters are at bay and if you have a larger investment to make, there’s a huge selection of shed interior design ideas on the internet.

In winter however, the use of this type of shed for this type purpose might not be ideal as garden sheds are exposed to the elements and often free of electrical connections. But for temporary office space with a large amount of outdoor space – as is the case with Sustainable Bankside, the use of a nomadic style of meeting area is ideal.

To continue reading about the next sustainable workspace, ‘The Bedouin Tent at Bishopsgate, Liverpool Street‘  visit: https://les.mitsubishielectric.co.uk/the-hub/3-sustainable-work-spaces