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Power Bollards – an effective outdoor power supply in elegant street furniture design

Utility bollards are a common sight in public areas across the UK, providing temporary services and utilities to streets, squares and other outdoor areas. Their purpose is to provide a source of electricity, water and data points, as well as offering protection for pedestrians.

Offering architectural appeal, Pop Up Power Supplies® supply a range of Power Bollards which provide a safe and secure outdoor power source. The stainless steel bollards are available in various elegant designs and configurations, and have been specified across the UK and the rest of the world by architects, contractors, eivil and electrical engineers, and other industry professionals.

Power Bollards for outdoor events

Our Power Bollards are constructed using the finest AISI 304 stainless steel AISI 316 with a plate thickness of 2mm. This ensures a robust and hard-wearing structure that Architects and Contracts can have confidence in, reassuring them that the units will stand the test of time.

Available in three diameters of 250mm, 325mm and 500mm, our Power Supply Bollards have four top configurations – Parc Paris Top, Domed Top, Button Top and Sloping Top. This is to ensure their aesthetics blend in with a wide range of environments, from market squares, to car parks, to historic streets.

Power Bollards – an effective outdoor power supply in elegant street furniture design 1

George Parker, Director of Pop Up Power Supplies, comments,

“Our Power Bollards are a popular option for outdoor spaces across the UK. We work closely with Architects and Electrical Engineers to create bespoke configurations that completely suit the client’s specification.

When we were approached by Planners at Gravesham Borough Council, they wanted an outdoor power supply for an area outside the local civic centre, for various outdoor festivals and other events. We ran through their requirements and were able to configure a range of Button Top Supply Bollards with hatch closure.

Our team was also able to advise on the best location for the power units which was around the perimeter area next to the walls. This meant they had a limited impact on the aesthetics of the local area, but still carefully positioned so stalls and other kiosks could connect easily.”

Utility Power Bollards

Each of our Power Supply Bollards can provide between 220 and 400 volts and 125A of power, with customised socket arrangements in the internal structure. Housing between 2 and 8 CEE sockets with an IP Protection Rating of IP64 and IP66, our Power Bollards comply with UK Building Regulations EN 60947-1 EN 60439-1-2-3.

Pop Up Power Supplies have also recently developed a new model to their Power Bollard range – the PUPS Cruiser. Specifically developed for marinas and camping sites, they are tubular structures and available in two options – offering either a single-sided (Type A) and double-sided (Type B) model.

The PUPS Cruiser Power Distribution Units can be finished in mirror polished stainless steel or powder coated in any RAL colour.

Pop up power units for outside spaces

Pop Up Power Supplies® provide a range of Power Bollards and Retractable Service Units for a wide range of sectors and applications – urban places, market days, sports stadiums, universities, leisure facilities, heritage sites, industrial units and more.

Developers, Architects, Contractors, Civil Engineers, Electrical Engineers and other industry professionals appreciate our power units compared to traditional generators, due to the retractable nature of the units and the increased safety they bring to outside areas.

power bollards

Our range of Power Bollards, Retractable and Flip Lid Power Units are supplied complete, therefore once they have been designed to the suitable specification, they are delivered to site where all the contractor has to do then is to dig the required hole and install the unit.

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