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coloured handrails

The benefits of colour coated handrails

At Roof Edge, we regularly talk about the benefits of our Equality Act (DDA) compliant Kee Access fittings, which provide access for all across the UK in all manner of applications.

Handrail must meet several requirements to comply with the Equality Act, such as contrasting visually to its surroundings, allowing the partially sighted to easily identify the handrail. We achieve this through a process known as powder coating, an alternative to painting.

Our powder coating service provides a wide range of practical and aesthetic benefits, and we believe it is a superior option to painting your handrail.

Powder coating is more durable and environmentally friendly

Powder coating, in either polyester or epoxy form, is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder, before being heated up to fuse into an incredibly durable protective layer, which is much tougher than paint.

A powder coated fitting is much more resistant to chips, scratches and fading than a painted rail.

Not only that, but powder coating does not contain the often environmentally harmful chemicals of common paints, and requires no solvent to keep the binder and filler parts in a liquid form before application, meaning powder coating is much more environmentally friendly.

Complies with equality regulations

It is thought that around 3 million people in the UK suffer from a form of visual impairment, with around 80% able to recognise colour differences, and 96% able to detect light. This means that contrast is vital in helping visually impaired people access and navigate a building safely.

As mentioned above, our powder coated Kee Access barriers meet the requirements of the Equality Act 2010, previously known as the Disability Discrimination Act, meaning you are compliant and providing access for all.

Beyond regulations

The benefits of powder coating goes beyond legislation and DDA compliant handrails, and powder coating can be applied even for aesthetic and safety reasons.

Railings powder coated in safety yellow or another bright colour can be ideal for providing a safe route through industrial areas, or as a form of demarcation, keeping employees on the right track and safe from harm.

Balustrades, railings, handrails and guardrails can be powder coated in any RAL colour to blend in with a building or even provide a feature. You can also install handrail or guardrail compliant with your brand colours, providing protection and safe access without sacrificing the aesthetics of your premises.

We believe powder coating is far superior to painting your fittings, and is often far more viable whether your intentions are functional, aesthetic or safety-focused. If your aim is to achieve a durable and effective barrier or handrail, powder coating is the way to go.

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