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Illuminating an Icon – VIVI at Centre Point

Nulty is delighted to have completed the lighting scheme for the all-day dining destination, VIVI, the new restaurant located in the iconic Centre Point in London’s West End. Working alongside Gordon Young Architects and hospitality group rhubarb, Nulty has designed a fun and flexible lighting scheme to complement the playfulness of the interior design whilst respecting the listed heritage of the building.

This architecturally interesting space with views across New Oxford Street takes its vibrant interior inspiration from the decade in which it was built, the 1960s. The lighting design showcases the eclectic material palette whilst creating layers of light which help it transform from light and airy during the day, to intimate and sophisticated for evening service.

Director Emilio Hernandez comments, “For us a key part of our lighting concept was not only to showcase this unique dining destination, but to also preserve the views when looking out of the building. Lots of our light sources are specifically concealed in order to counteract any unwanted reflections that could occur from the enormous glazed facade that frames the restaurant.”

Once inside the glass fronted entrance, you are greeted by a mix of neon pink slogans, large illuminated industrial lettering replicating the original Centre Point signage and a bespoke light installation, which carefully climbs the wall to draw the eye upwards towards the restaurant.

Upstairs opens up onto a central dining area that is defined by a large bespoke chandelier, handmade by designer Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt, from layers of custom coloured plexiglass. A floral display placed under the chandelier is highlighted by a discreet downlight purposely hidden between the plexiglass layers to further accentuate the natural shapes of the flowers.

lighting scheme

Carefully placed downlights punctuate the main dining area and are grouped together in clusters to create a clean ceiling aesthetic whilst drawing focus onto the dining tables below. A timber backdrop embossed with the brass lettering ‘VIVI’, is grazed with a linear line of light from above, creating a feature wall and highlighting the texture in the wood.

A bar area to the front has a diffused light integrated under the countertop to elevate the feature tiling, washing it with light and picking up the texture and shapes in the material. A frosted light box is back illuminated and forms the backdrop to the bar, creating an eye-catching drinks display.

Suspended above is a curved wine rack that has been fitted with an integrated LED strip, to capture the sparkle in the glassware and further frame the space. The symmetry that runs throughout the interior design concept continues with the private dining booths.

lighting scheme

Each area is sectioned off by intricate chain-mail curtains mounted in a curved brass frame, which houses an integrated LED strip to illuminate the exterior, creating a visual barrier and ensuring privacy for diners. Bronze pendants are carefully suspended over tables inside and add further intimacy to each space.

Paul Robinson-Webster Director of VIVI says, ‘Our over-arching vision for the project was to ensure that the building’s 1960s heritage was captured in the interiors – we wanted the essence of that iconic decade to run through everything, while also creating a modern, bright and atmospheric space. Therefore, we knew that the lighting design would play a crucial part in the project.”

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