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A specifiers’ guide to designing outdoor power supplies

Specifying outdoor power solutions for build projects can be a challenging process. Project collaboration for the construction and civil sectors is becoming increasingly complex, with the rise of BIM, the importance of embracing digital, emerging topics such as sustainability, and the ever-challenging economic environment.

Specialising in planning, designing and installing outdoor power solutions, a big part in the service offered by Pop Up Power Supplies® is working closely with clients in their specification project tender process.

outdoor power units

Specifying power units for outdoor spaces

An effective specification plays a key role in project fulfilment. First and foremost, what are the client requirements for needing an outdoor power supply?

Common requirements include town centre market days providing a source of electricity for market stalls; university campuses to provide power for outdoor kiosks in open day events; hotel and leisure facilities for outdoor events such as wedding marques; sports stadiums to provide power for irrigation systems and portable lighting; parks and green spaces to provide electricity points for outdoor stalls and events; retail and commercial environments providing an outdoor power supply for food stalls within external areas of shopping centres; and many more.

Once the requirements have been established, the next task is to determine the impact of the local environment. Is there a large expansive space or will the power unit be installed in a confined area? Is the surrounding area of a sensitive nature e.g. a Heritage Site or a town centre with a historic aesthetic?

Pop Up Power Supplies® has three main power units in our range – Pop Up UnitsIn-Ground Units (or Flip Lid Units) and Power Bollards. Each unit has its own key advantages and reason for Specification and can accommodate a range of electricity sockets and utilities.

outdoor power units

For example, our Power Bollards provide outdoor power in elegant street furniture format. Clients prefer this option when their outdoor areas need some form of decoration or styling element.

power bollards

Flip Lid Units are often preferred in outdoor areas where space is at a premium or public safety is paramount, like a town centre square for market stalls. Pop Up Power Units are specified into outdoor areas such as in sports stadiums, particularly next to a pitch area. Our Pop Up Units have been installed in various stadiums including Chelsea FC, Wembley Arena Square and Mary Peters Athletics Track, Belfast.

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Who do we help and how can we make your Specification easier?

Pop Up Power Supplies® works closely with a wide range of construction professionals at any given point in the Specification process.

Our team works with Architects, Planners and End Users at the design and brief stage, ensuring exactly the right power units are integrated into project plans. We provide detailed technical power calculations, data sheets, CAD drawings and other essential information. Importantly, we are always at the other end of the phone for technical support and reassurance.

We also work with Contractors, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Specifiers, and other professionals who are involved in the product selection and tender stage.

Ensuring the power units provide exactly the required amount of electricity, that they are fit for the purpose intended, and conform to UK Building Regulations is a complex and time-consuming exercise. Our experience, knowledge and technical competency reduces your workload and risk, ensures your outdoor power supply achieves compliance, and importantly means you complete the Specification faster enabling you to move on to your next project.

Project examples

Our Flip Lid Power Units were installed in public areas in the town of Stamford, Lincolnshire, for their market events they hold on a weekly basis.  We worked closely with Council Planners and the chosen Contractors. They were pleased with the power units as not only did they benefit from a safe source of outdoor electricity for the local market stalls, but there was minimal impact on the integrity and beauty of the local area.

outdoor power units

Pop Up Power Supplies® also worked closely with shopping centre owners and their chosen Contractors at Gallions Reach Shopping Park, London.  Here, a total of eight PUPS3030 Floorboxes were specified and installed around the perimeter of the site giving access to electricity from multiple points.  The outdoor area within the shopping park is used for market stalls and small-scale entertainment events.

Pop up power units for outside spaces

Pop Up Power Supplies® provide a range of retractable service units for new build and refurbishment construction projects throughout the UK. Architects, Contractors, Electrical Engineers and other industry professionals appreciate our power units compared to traditional generators, due to the retractable nature of the units and the increased safety they bring to public areas.

Our range of retractable and flip lid power units are supplied complete, therefore once they have been designed to the suitable specification, they are delivered to site where all the contractor has to do then is to dig the required hole and install the unit.

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