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Vent-Axia’s Lo-Carbon Revive Wins at Building Communities Awards 2019

Leading the sector in social housing ventilation, Vent-Axia is celebrating winning the Innovative Product category at the prestigious EEM Building Communities Awards 2019. Scooping the award for the pioneering Lo-Carbon Revive, an intelligent filter-less fan designed specifically for the social housing sector, the Sussex-based company received the accolade at a glittering awards ceremony on Friday, 15th February 2019 at the Athena in Leicester.

Vent-Axia beat stiff competition this year to win the Innovative Product category at the EEM Building Communities Awards with the standard of entries said to be exceptionally high. In this category judges were looking for a product that stood out in its field for originality, innovation and technical abilities, as well as receiving a positive reaction from social housing providers. After a rigorous judging process, the company’s Lo-Carbon Revive was selected as the winner.

“We are absolutely thrilled the Lo-Carbon Revive has been recognised at the prestigious Building Communities Awards,” said Tom Wodcke, Product Marketing Manager at Vent-Axia. “Our new and improved Revive offers even greater flexibility for installers and residents and is the ideal ventilation solution for social housing. Low maintenance, reliable, near silent, quick and easy to install with a range of options to personalise the settings and powerful enough to remove moist air helping ensure good indoor air quality and a healthy home; the Revive has it all”

Following extensive R&D Vent-Axia’s popular Lo-Carbon Revive has a range of new and improved design features that ensure it continues to meet the specific needs of Social Housing. Boasting powerful, quiet and efficient ventilation, the intelligent Lo-Carbon Revive is a filter-less unitary fan and now includes an adjustable trickle speed option, an interchangeable intermittent mode and smoother humidity boost transition, as well as a raft of useful original features. This extra functionality in the software means even greater flexibility, making this a truly universal fan so installers need just one fan for their van.

Condensation and mould are directly linked to poor indoor air quality (IAQ). The new features help tackle these issues even more effectively with the ability to commission the fan to meet the needs of the property and with resident acceptability in mind. Installers can quickly and easily select from a range of options, giving bespoke solutions where performance or noise is key. Add to this Revive’s innovative Multi-Vortex™ technology which powerfully, but quietly removes moisture and stale air helping ensure good IAQ and comfort for residents.

The new and improved Revive now offers the option to adjust the trickle speed between 6-13l/s. This is useful in properties with exceptionally high occupancy that would require a higher trickle speed to remove excess moisture from the air and provide good IAQ. It’s also beneficial if residents are very sensitive to noise since it’s now very easy to adjust down the trickle speed to maintain the benefits of a continuous running fan while not having to replace the fan with a lower duty or intermittent fan.

Interchangeable intermittent capability is another great new feature in the commissioning menu, where the installer can switch between intermittent and continuous operation. While in intermittent mode the fan will boost in exactly the same way as before from humidity, timer or pullcord but with no trickle. It will also continue to record data on trickle run time to ensure the fans are not isolated for long periods and have the chance to boost due to humidity.

However, if a ventilation unit is tampered with it will not deliver the air performance required, potentially leading to condensation and mould which could cause costly damage to the fabric of the building, as well as causing poor indoor air quality which could result in health problems for residents. Vent-Axia has therefore introduced a new interface so that it is lockable at installation, making it tamper proof to ensure consistent ventilation.

Meanwhile, the new Revive also offers residents a smoother humidity boost transition. Vent-Axia’s ambient response humidity sensor avoids nuisance tripping and therefore increases resident acceptability while protecting the property from damaging condensation and mould.

Highly versatile, the Revive offers a choice of run speeds for multiple installation options and can be ducted or through the wall, making specification easy. Plus Revive is low maintenance since its market-leading Multi-Vortex™ technology does not require a filter, while the highly sculpted interior actively repels dust, avoiding clogging, thus helping to avoid call backs. Revive also boasts reliability backed by up to seven years’ warranty.

Committed to the environment, all Revive fans are made from recyclable ABS plastic. However, Vent-Axia is helping reduce plastic waste further with the new Lo-Carbon Revive since all fans are designed in individual modular components that can all be replaced separately. So, if social housing provider needs to replace a Lo-Carbon Revive, a new spare part could be ordered instead in many cases helping to avoid replacing the whole fan unit.

Organised by procurement consortium EEM Ltd, the Building Communities Awards recognises the professionalism, excellence and innovation sitting at the heart of the East Midland’s construction and housing community, in both the public and the private sectors. The event is an opportunity for housing stakeholders to network at the construction event while showcasing leading development and construction projects. Attended by 500 guests from the housing sector the event was hosted TV personality, actor, presenter, vocalist and professional speaker Des Coleman.

For further information on the Lo-Carbon Revive, as well as other products and services offered by Vent-Axia, visit www.vent-axia.com/social-housing or telephone 0844 856 0590.

Lo-Carbon Revive