Specifier Review

Nuance now on ArtiCAD

The complete range of Bushboard Nuance waterproof bathroom panels is now available on the ArtiCAD design system. Designers will be able to show Nuance panels in “real life” settings – and the picture can be changed in seconds so that customers can see alternatives.

“We are delighted that the Nuance range is now available on ArtiCAD“ commented Paul Findlay, product sales manager for Nuance. “The ArtiCad system means that consumers and specifiers can get a clear view of how the panels will look in any bathroom – and allows retailers to present different options for those who have problems making a buying decision.”

Nuance bathroom panels from Bushboard are the market-leading alternative to ceramic tiling for bathrooms.  Available in a range of decors and textures, Nuance panels are postformed and 100% waterproof – there is no need for unsightly trims and as a result the finished installation is often mistaken for real stone, marble or wood.

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