Specifier Review

No more noisy neighbours!

In December 2018 Sound Reduction Systems (SRS) were approached by the Sovini Group to help solve an ongoing issue that had arisen between tenants.

Sovini Group is a housing association based in Merseyside. They had been receiving multiple noise complaints from tenants of a semi-detached residential property in Southport.

The tenants were struggling with a noisy neighbour and Sovini Group were called upon to block the passage of sound between one semi-detached property to the other.

They approached Floorscan Acoustics Ltd, a distributor of Sound Reduction System products and systems, who immediately undertook acoustic tests in the property.

Floorscan specified the use of a wall lining system called Maxiboard, to be installed in the adjoining rooms such as the lounge, study area and bedroom.

Maxiboard is an extremely high performance and versatile soundproofing board designed to be used much like plasterboard. It can be installed directly onto timber studwork, masonry or existing plaster. Maxiboard can be used to Meet Part E of the Building Regulations or just to improve comfort in a domestic situation, such as noisy neighbours.

SRS are specialists in all aspects of domestic and commercial acoustics. Please contact them directly for free advice, site visits or quotations on Tel: 01204 380074 Email: info@soundreduction.co.uk or visit the website www.soundreduction.co.uk