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Rizistal’s Expert Guide For Applying PC100 Paving Joint Compound

UK based manufacturer, Rizistal, is a supplier of industrial and easy-to-use repair and protection products offering a superior Paving Joint Compound for patios. Rizistal PC100 will deliver results for your clients effectively and efficiently the first time to minimise disruption to any premises.

Rizistal PC100 Paving Joint Compound is a ready-to-use jointing material that can be used in both dry and wet conditions, and on all types of paving with a joint width of 6 mm and over. It cures overnight at 20°C allowing the area to be suitable for traffic with minimal downtime.

Coverage is approximately 7 m² over 600 mm x 450 mm paving slabs and the product is available in the popular Natural Stone colour. A stand out benefit of PC100 is its quick application time and longevity once installed due to it being unaffected by wind, rain washout, and mechanical sweeping equipment.

Alex Holdway, Product Manager for Rizistal, has put together an expert guide for installing PC100 Paving Joint Compound:

“PC100 contains a vacuum sealed foil bag to keep the product fresh and to make the application easy.

Before installation you will need to remove loose materials from the surface. Apply water to the surface and make sure it stays wet during application.

Once your paving slabs are completely wet you will want to open your tub to find the vacuum packed material – one point to note is that you will have roughly 45 minutes of working time from opening.

“Next you’ll want to apply the PC100 compound over all your slab joints, and then sweep the material into the joints with a soft bristled brush, before compacting the damp PC100 material using a pointing tool.

“Continue with the application using as many units as necessary but remember that the slabs must be kept wet during the process and if there are any areas that need topping up then this is the perfect opportunity with any material you still have left.

“As the slabs begin to dry you will want to sweep away any excess material that is left on the surface. The Rizistal PC100 will be completely cured in 48 hours at 20°C.”

This expert guide has been put together to make the job of a maintenance professional and beyond as easy as possible.

If you require any further assistance with PC100 please visit: https://www.rizistal.co.uk/product/rizistal-pc100-paving-joint-compound/

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