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R32 air conditioning

R32 – what was all the fuss about?

AC and heat pump trainer Ben Bartle-Ross looks at how mainstream R32 has become

Well, we survived R32 didn’t we?

One thing that has always heartened me about our industry is our overall resilience and ability to change and adapt. And this is needed as technology and legislation drive the direction of travel for the construction and built environment.

We see scores of engineers each week in our training centres and there is always an eagerness to learn more from the vast majority of attendees.

And that’s good because there’s more change to come, especially as we make equipment even more efficient, quieter and easier to use.


The change to R32

For the HVAC industry, the biggest recent change has been R32, but we have survived and it has quickly become the norm. As confidence has grown, so has the range available. And the world didn’t go up in flames with this ‘mildly-flammable’ ‘new’ gas.

As a manufacturer, we will always look at how we can help engineers cope with change, which is why we issue free guides on things like legislation and technology, and why we offer comprehensive training and support.

It’s is also why we have created our blogsite ‘The Hub’ which is full of informative articles from industry experts.

An interesting stat from the site shows that the most popular article, by far, has now been read by just under 25,000 people.

Can you guess the title?

R32 refrigerant – why the change and why now?

Increasing understanding

We also try and listen to the market, which is what you should expect from a manufacturer.

In a recent survey of customers, over 96% of engineers said they have fitted R32 systems and 50% said that more than half of the systems they are installing are R32.

So the speed with which our industry has adapted to this change in refrigerant is impressive and shows a level of resilience, regardless of changing legislative demands or even the uncertainty emanating from our politics at the moment.

This article was originally featured on The Hub. To continue reading the next segment, ‘Get ready, there’s more to come’, visit: https://les.mitsubishielectric.co.uk/the-hub/r32-what-was-the-fussR32 refrigerant