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epoxy paint

The benefits of epoxy paint and clear acrylic resins

Specifying the right coating for your premises can often be a difficult decision, says Rizistal UK product manager Alex Holdway.

High build epoxy paint coats are two-component pigmented systems suitable for areas of both high and low traffic.

Due to their specially designed make up, epoxy paints, such as the Rizistal EC220 product, can demonstrate excellent durability in a variety of environments.

In addition, the adhesion characteristics of epoxy paints give the product an added boost. To correctly prepared substrates, epoxy systems can penetrate and ‘key’ to concrete giving a very solid bond.

Epoxy paints also come with the benefit of improving ‘cleanability’ of floors. The seamless glossy finish of epoxy over concrete creates a non-absorbent surface improving efficiency of cleaning.

Dust, dirt, and grime is not able to stick imperfections that may be present on the substrate. These systems also give increased chemical resistance over exposed concrete.

Spills of oils, acids, or alkalis are easily removed without attacking the structure of the concrete underneath. One of the biggest factors in coating specification however, is health and safety concerns.

In dry areas, epoxy paint coats give a natural anti-slip profile giving grip to both work-boots and forklift tyres. If extra surface roughness is required, systems like the Rizistal EC220 can have a sand or quartz broadcast applied to the wet resin during application.

This can be rolled into the system to give more grip without affecting the high build nature. Not only should epoxy resin be considered as a coating option, but also clear acrylic resins.

These materials often described as concrete dustproofers, are excellent in improving cleaning efficiency and hardness of both old and new concrete areas.

Dustproofers much like Rizistal SC870 are unpigmented, however they will improve on the natural aesthetics of concrete giving a hard wearing and natural finish. They are often a quick, easy, and cost effective option to improving the quality of warehouse floors.

A further benefit of these products is the curing time. Rizistal SC870 is touch dry within 4 hours meaning that downtime may not be adversely affected and any future issues of blooming and/or efflorescence is protected against.

With great penetration on porous substrates acrylic sealers have an excellent bond and longevity before needing to recoat.

Both systems have their pros and cons when it comes to coating concrete substrates, but with forward planning and consultation with manufacturers, a solution to flooring requirements can always be met.

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