Specifier Review
Sonata Aurio acoustic panels

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Research shows that poor acoustics within educational environments can be detrimental to both learning and development. Excess noise and reverberation in classrooms and halls can affect teaching, learning and overall wellbeing of teachers and children causing both stress and strain.

Excessive reverberation affects children with special educational needs (SEN) and hearing impairments disproportionately so needs to be controlled to maximise inclusion within mainstream schools.

Acoustic problems within schools are very common – high noise levels combined with hard, acoustically reflective surfaces on floors, walls and ceilings combine to create a very reverberant, echoey environment.

SRS Ltd have developed a range of high performance acoustic absorption products to tackle exactly this problem. The Sonata range of absorbers are a Class A rated, mineral fibre free product for use on walls and ceilings. Sonata Aurio acoustic panels are simply bonded to wall and ceiling surfaces, whilst Sonata Vario panels can be suspended using proprietary fixings and wall mounting brackets. The panels are decoratively wrapped in acoustically transparent fabric and there is even the option to have bespoke printing added to the panels – ideal for school logos or artwork.

SRS Ltd offer a free consultancy and quotation service to all schools facing similar challenges. Contact SRS now to organise a visit to your school or educational facility to propose practical, economical and environmentally friendly ways in which to minimise noise levels working to your budget.

You can find out more about the Sonata products, read testimonials from schools already treated and book your free site visit on the website: www.soundreduction.co.uk or by calling the SRS technical team on 01204 380074.