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How to Select Your Roof Window

With such a vast range of FAKRO roof windows available, choosing the right one for your home can look like an overwhelming decision.

However, once you understand both your home and the variety of different roof window styles on offer your options should be more straightforward. So here’s a quick guide to help you make the right choices.


First and foremost, you need to determine which window style is most appropriate for your living environment. For example the classic centre pivot roof window allows easy access to the entirety of the window, both inside and out – this is due to the swiveling sash which rotates 180°. This allows easy cleaning of the glass both inside and out, conveniently and safely.

Centre Pivot Roof Windows

Alternatively, FAKRO’s new generation of roof window, the preSelect which has design innovations exclusive to FAKRO, may be more suited to your requirements.

PreSelect combines both top-hung and centre pivot in one window at the flick of a switch. This innovative product alternates between the two; via an inconspicuous switch situated in the frame. Ideal for those who want the best of both styles and providing uninterrupted view while in the top-hung mode.

Easy to operate, no matter which style:

All FAKRO roof windows come with a handle located at the bottom of the sash for ease of operation and always within reach. This handle is equipped with a two-step micro-opening facility, both features enhancing ergonomics, comfort and ease of use.


FAKRO Roof Window

Nothing beats a beautiful set of roof windows to flood a room with natural light, all year round. But you need to remember that the higher up your roof window is fitted, the greater the spread of light.

We recommend that the glazing area should be at least 15-20% of the total floor area for optimum illumination. So, of course, the larger the window the larger its glazing area – meaning more light. FAKRO roof windows are available in multiple sizes, and in combinations that allow complete design freedom.


There are a variety of glazing options available for FAKRO pitched roof windows: P2, P5, U6, U8 and O2.

* The P2 is the most common glazing unit; this particular option is double-glazed, has a 1.3 u-value and is manufactured to be anti-burglary.

* Another potential option is the P5, which is triple-glazed and boasts an impressive u-value of 0.97. The P5 is also anti-burglary.

* On the other hand, if you’re on the quest for improved energy efficiency, the U6 is the ideal choice – with an outstanding u-value of 0.8, this unit is perfect for buildings where thermal efficiency is vital.

* Similarly, a U8 unit boasts extemporary energy efficiency properties, but stands out due to its exceptionally low u-value, at just 0.58.

* FAKRO also offer an obscure glazing type, ideal for bathrooms, possessing a u-value of 1.3, which is double glazed slightly frosted.


Generally speaking, if a roof is pitched between 15° – 90° it will be suitable for a roof window installation. More shallow pitched roofs may be suitable for a ‘flat roof window’ or skylight. However, the pitch of your roof may dictate both the style of window applicable and the flashing required for its installation. Don’t worry though, information on pitch restrictions is available on our product descriptions, and we’re on hand to assist through live chat and by calling 0333 600 9090 free from landlines and inclusive on mobile minutes.

FAKRO Roof Pitch

Back to flat roof windows – In terms of skylight or flat roof window design options, you can select between sleek flat or domed designs – but it should be noted that even flat roof windows must be installed on a pitch of at least 2 degrees. Why? Because this allows the flow of water from the glass surface.

Flat roof windows offer a wide range of styles and options too, with walk on windows being a popular choice for flat roof conversions where access is easy to the space above. Opening and electric operated version are also available, making life just that little bit easier.

For more information on the pitch of your roof read our helpful article here > https://www.roofwindows4you.co.uk/news/is-my-roof-suitable-for-a-roof-window

How to determine your roof’s pitch

Don’t know your roof pitch? Hop on your mobile and check out our helpful online tool at http://www.fakroroofpitchcalculator.co.uk/ which will give you an indication. For accurate roof pitch information talk to your installer.


FAKRO Roof Windows

Saving money on your heating bills is largely dependent on the status of your loft; if your loft is particularly well-insulated and a poorly insulated roof window is installed, the effects could detrimental – causing the loft to lose its valuable heat.

Our standard double-glazed windows with a thermally insulated glazing unit and flashing help to prevent this.

Alternatively, if increased performance is especially important to you, it would be worthwhile considering one of our highly energy-efficient roof windows with a low u-value rated glazing unit such as the U6 or U8. Not only are these specially designed with insulation at their core, but they’re also supplied with an insulating flashing kit.


FAKRO’s innovative z-wave windows provide electric control via advanced wireless technology – remote controlled with a rain sensor for peace of mind.

One predominant benefit of this system is that it allows multiple windows and accessories to be operated from one main controller. Additionally, the rain sensor automatically activates the sash to close when rain is detected, eliminating the need to hover around your window when clouds appear.

When choosing between manual or electric options, remember to take into account the accessibility of your roof window. For instance, if it’s particularly high up and out of reach a remote opening and closing system may be invaluable!

The perfect solution: a z-wave roof window.

FAKRO Roof Window


FAKRONow you have a better understanding of the variety of roof window options available, why not polish off the aesthetics and performance with the perfect blind.

An extensive range of styles and colours are available to browse and select in our FAKRO blinds section. You may opt for an external contemporary awning blind. Impressively, these can deliver eight times more efficiency than conventional internal blinds in terms of passive heat reduction, essentially because solar ingress is blocked before passing through the window rather than after.


On the other hand, solar powered awning blinds open automatically in cloudy weather conditions increasing available light. In Winter, they are particularly effective at reducing noise from rain and hail, all the while protecting the window from an accumulation of snow and leaves.

If you’re after something simpler, an internal blind is perfect for you. With a vast range, you can choose the one that matches your decor – for example, blackout, dimming, themed, venetian or roller blinds. These compliment your interior while also providing great protection against sunlight and privacy.

Not sure what colour or type to choose? Check out our blind swatch book for a physical example of all available options! https://www.roofwindows4you.co.uk/prod/blind-swatch-folder

Don’t forget we’re here to help. For advice and information, talk our Technical Team. There’s a wealth of information on fakro.co.uk and you can browse the full range here – the FAKRO Team are on hand to chat from 8:30 – 5pm, or simply call us today on 0333 600 9090.