Specifier Review

Providing both safety and natural light…

Peacefully residing in the quaint town of Buxton, an elaborate project from Housing 21 proudly stands – named Thomas Fields.


Housing 21 are a non-profit organisation who manage retirement homes and care services for the elderly. Boasting 53 two-bedroom apartments in addition to a range of on-site amenities, Thomas Fields is an impressive care centre.

Because of the vulnerable nature of its residents it was paramount to put necessary safety precautions in place to ensure safety. FAKRO FSR windows provided the answer.

Evidence confirms that both fire and smoke pose a serious threat to health and wellbeing. However, contrary to widespread belief, the vast majority of fire-related deaths are a consequence of smoke inhalation – not high temperatures nor burning.

Fortunately, introducing appropriate smoke and heat escape systems can significantly help in preventing dangers caused by this high concentration of smoke and heat. Dyer Environmental Controls Ltd commissioned and installed a new smoke ventilation system at Thomas Fields – featuring three FAKRO FSR smoke ventilation windows. FAKRO’s FSR is a simple pivot window equipped with a smoke ventilation system, supplied with all electrical components required.

In addition to flooding a building with light, this effective system assists with the extraction of heat, smoke and toxic gases released in a fire helping to make evacuation easier and safer.

Regarding operation, the FSR windows smoke detector sends a signal to the control unit once smoke is detected, activating the electric motor, thus opening the window. Alternatively, if a fire is brought to attention prior to the sensor activating, the window can easily be opened manually. This is achieved by breaking the glass alarm.

The FSR from FAKRO has helped transform this building – in more ways than one. Providing both improved safety and an abundance of natural light, Thomas Fields can now offer its residents a tranquil space to spend their days.

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