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Metallo Doorset

The rise of metallic accents

As far as industry trends go, the interior design market will see an influx in the use of brass, with highlights of the metal perfectly accompanying soft pinks and emerald greens, giving the room a luxurious finish. Gold and Brass have more staying power than the current copper/rose gold trends, often staying in fashion, the use of brushed metal, rather than a bling-like polished finish really gives the piece some texture and depth, lifting even the most plan doors or furniture into another dimension.

Our up and coming Metallo doorset’s prove just that, a selection of doorset’s designed with the harmony of earth metals and woods in mind. From a light brushed brass with a Woodrow oak stained door featuring Gatsbyesque inlay, to a finished aluminium bar with accompanying blue-grey stain.

Metallo Doorest

Metallo doorset

This trend is set to transcend traditional designs of luxury homes, apartments, and high-end 5-star hotels. Ahmarra has made bespoke ‘Metallo’ doorsets for the new Grange Minories hotel, which included bedroom doors with a signature metallic inlay and veneer pattern. They also featured on another recent project, The Lodge at Kingswood Golf Club.

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