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Vicaima - Exmo Hotel

Comfort, Safety and Modernity

Vicaima, international player in the design and production of solutions for the hotel sector, was designated to supply the Exmo. Hotel, set in a completely renovated historical building. Overlooking the Douro River, in Oporto, this 4-star hotel project has the perfect combination of comfort and elegance in a 14th century building. Its welcoming character as concerns space, decoration, colour and the moderate air are complemented by Vicaima solutions, thus marking the difference in the Porto hotel offer.

Vicaima - Exmo Hotel

For the room entrance, Vicaima’s choice included the integration of the Portaro® Inverse EI30 AC45dB solution. It combines door, frame and other accessories in a single piece, with a 30 minute fire resistance and acoustic isolation up to 45dB. The Lacquered Grey White finish was selected, a shade associated with classic settings, providing a clean and modern environment – completed by a contemporary décor with notes of colour on the walls and on the decorative elements.

Vicaqima - Exmo Hotel

Comfort, Safety and Modernity 1

In the common areas, the focus goes to the Portaro® FD30 double action single leaf door, a solution consisting of door, frame and accessories, with a 30 minute fire resistance. In addition, the two-leaf 30 minute fire doors certified by accredited independent laboratories were part of Vicaima’s offer for the Exmo. Hotel.

Vicaima - Exmo Hotel

Vicaima technical door solutions ensure the necessary isolation for a quiet stay. These are available with associated performances, such as acoustic and fire resistance, having flexible sizes, configurations and FSC® certification – an entity responsible for ensuring that the raw materials come from responsibly managed forests.

Featuring a breathtaking view and architecture developed by Floret – Arquitectura, the Exmo. Hotel is an undisputed destination in the city. The profound expertise in urban renovation of the Floret – Architecture team made the difference in the final result: a hotel that respects the existing heritage, but that evokes sophistication in all its details. The contribution of Vicaima solutions was also vital for this project, again, stating the growth of its positioning and commitment to the hotel sector.


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