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Vicaima Fire Doors

Vicaima FD30 fire doors achieve 54 minutes in test!

The results of the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) testing largely speak for themselves. Vicaima interior timber fire doors achieved exemplary performance when tested alongside 25 separate fire door assemblies, from throughout the industry; as part of the recent investigation into safety by the government department.

Vicaima Fire Doors

The recently published results of the investigation into the UK Timber Fire Door industry show that all the fire doors tested independently achieved the required 30 minute minimum criteria and performed consistently in fire resistance when manufactured to specification.

This is indeed a welcome conclusion, coming as it does following the less than robust results achieved from the identical testing of the GRP composite fire door industry.

All Timber Fire door tests were undertaken to British Standard BS 476 Part 22 in a United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) test house, on complete door sets.

They included tests to doors facing into the furnace (the most onerous side) and away from the furnace.

See: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/fire-door-testing-timber-fire-door-test-results

Of the 25 different timber fire door examinations undertaken, Vicaima’s FD30s entrance door system was among them and achieved the following result:

Direction to FurnaceMinutes of Fire Res
Opening into Furnace (Most Onerous)54 Minutes
Opening away from furnace48 Minutes

This result illustrates Vicaima’s commitment to providing fully tested and third party accredited fire doors that achieve exemplary performance in today’s market. Furthermore, at 54 minutes resistance (on the most onerous side of the test) for a 30 minute door; Vicaima set the benchmark for safety.

In addition, a number of other suppliers mentioned in the MHCLG test results, used Vicaima standard duty core fire doors in conjunction with their own frame assemblies, again achieving excellent results.

As a specialist fire door manufacturer, with a long standing commitment to rigorous fire testing, third party accreditation and full traceability, we fully support the drive towards raising standards throughout the industry and providing complete peace of mind for the construction market.

Fire doors form a major constituent of the 1.5 million doors produced annually in the Vicaima factory and our methods of construction differ from the norm in our market.

We do not use door blanks, but instead focus on traditional construction with the Vicaima Solid Core, which in itself acts as a more secure base for the fitting of essential ironmongery.

Quality, performance and innovation are at the heart of Vicaima and producing products that save lives and property is never a subject open to compromise.

Details of Vicaima’s full portfolio of interior timber fire doors and sets can be viewed here: https://www.vicaima.com/en-gb/fire-doors