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Big Foot Systems - Acoustic Screening

Big Foot Supplies Custom Support for Acoustic Screening

Big Foot Systems has supplied custom support for acoustic screening on the rooftop of a mixed-use development of luxury flats, offices and retail outlets at Hatton Wall in Holborn, London.

The acoustic screening surrounds a group of condensers and associated plant on a PVC membrane and green roof which effectively blocks plant noise from the surrounding private homes.

Big Foot Systems - Acoustic Screening

Big Foot’s technical team examined layout drawings to design a system which would support the heavy acoustic screening. The supports were designed to ensure the pressure exerted by their feet did not exceed the limit of the lightweight roof.

Calculations were carried out to establish the size of frame required and the number and size of foot bases in contact with the roof needed to ensure the cumulative weight was dispersed evenly over the roof area and was within workable loads of the roof build up.

Dynamic forces were also taken into account as the structure had to withstand the high winds created due to funnelling by the surrounding buildings. The framework installed was therefore wider than the screens they supported, affording a greater degree of protection against ‘tipping’. Big Foot Systems’ customised system proved the ideal solution, offering project specific non-penetrative support.

Big Foot then undertook a site survey and a 3D model of the roof and existing plant was created to aid in the design and drawing work. Big Foot Technical modified the initial design to work with all the existing plant and hatches on the roof. The allowable space for the support and the feet was limited, so the drawing supplied for install was highly detailed to ensure the installation was carried out seamlessly.

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