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ushboard Nuance Brochure

Bushboard offers inspiration in new Nuance brochure

Design professionals and consumers looking for beautiful bathroom ideas will find a wealth of inspiration in the new 52-page Nuance brochure from Bushboard.

The beautiful-bathroom-surfaces book showcases the new Designer and Acrylic bathroom wall surfaces in both striking roomsets and swatch layouts.

Nuance is an award winning and pattented waterproof bathroom wall panelling system that can swiftly transform the dingiest bathroom and at the same time offer huge savings in money and time. Ceramic tiling a 7ft by 7ft small bathroom can take 1-3 days and a large 13ft by 7ft room rises to 3-6 days.

Add the cost of the tiles, and the noise and disruption involved, a striking wall surface like Nuance becomes a natural choice. Installing Nuance in the same 7ft x 7ft bathroom or wetroom space can be completed in just 4 hours. It can be installed over existing tiles for even more speed and cost-saving.

Nuance panels are 100 per cent waterproof, and there is no ugly trims, which means the finished effect is sleek and a cinch to clean. Postformed edges make external corners easy, and the choice of panel sizes reduces waste. There is no need to employ an expert tiler as a competent tradesperson can fit nuance panels.

Nuance decors available include wood, stone, tiles and more.


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