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The environmental value of true partnership

The environmental value of true partnership

As Mitsubishi Electric starts a series of customer conferences, Martin Fahey looks at why partnership is such a powerful tool.

This week is a really important week for Mitsubishi Electric and no, I’m not talking about all the Brexit shenanigans.

I’m also not talking about 16-year-old eco-warrior, Greta Thunberg arriving in New York to speak to the UN – although that is in part, connected.

So too, is last week’s IPCC draft report saying that rising sea levels across the globe could displace 280 million people within a few decades.

What I’m actually referring to though is that this week, we start a series of meetings with our major customers to explore ways of helping us all grow our businesses, whilst also helping to save the planet.

Some may think it strange that the manufacturer of energy consuming equipment should make such a bold statement but I’m happy to take that discussion full on because I do believe that we and our partners have a significant role to play in helping reduce energy consumption and working within our sector to help the UK end its contribution to climate change.

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Reducing emissions

Buildings account for 40% of overall UK carbon emissions, and a major part of this energy consumption comes from the need to provide a comfortable and productive environment within these buildings.

We can’t go back to living in caves and whilst modern buildings are now designed with energy efficiency front of mind, our existing buildings are a collection of different historic methods of heating and cooling, involving gas boilers, open or shut windows and usually including poor thermal insulation.

As a nation, we are already committed to binding legal targets to reduce carbon emissions and one way of ensuring we are on the right road to these targets is to look at the energy efficiency of buildings in general.

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