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KEMPERDUR® AC Park – Car Park Surfaces & Car Park Refurbishment

KEMPERDUR® AC Park  provides high quality and resilient car park surfaces, that can provide durable and long-lasting car park waterproofing and car park refurbishments that corresponds to an OS 10 class for car park surfaces.

Drivable surfaces made of reinforced or prestressed concrete in multi-storey or underground car parks are exposed to high mechanical (driving vehicles), chemical (chloride, fuel and lubricants) and weather-related (rain, heat, cold) stresses. For this reason, safe building protection and the utilisation of PMMA waterproofing by a well established and trusted car park resurfacing company is essential.

This is also echoed by The German Committee for structural concrete who recommend surface waterproofing with a surface protection system rated at class OS 10 to prevent damage. Systems in this class provide high dynamic crack bridging.

Both KEMPERDUR® AC Park and KEMPERDUR® AC Park+ surfacing systems are based on quick-reactive polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) resin.

Often, Car parks are an essential part of an organisation, so it is vital that any car park repairs or car park refurbishment does not have elongated lead times. These products cure very quickly and provide a safe and reliable surface even in critical weather conditions

Our system advantages at a glance

  • Rated for class OS 10
  • Hard-wearing
  • Permanently flexible
  • Provides dynamic crack bridging
  • Quick curing
  • Allows for cold processing (no risk of fire)
  • All of the benefits of KEMPEROL® waterproofing
  • Safe and leak-tight down to the very last detail
  • Ready for use quickly
  • Allows for good planning certainty at the building site
  • Minimal downtimes

KEMPERDUR® AC Park – System with KEMPERDUR® AC-Finish

KEMPERDUR® AC Park is designed for use on drivable surfaces in multi-storey car parks and outdoor car park decks.


Coloured Surfacing

Using colours on surfaces facilitates easier orientation, ceates a friendly environment and allows improved traffic navigation.


KEMPERDUR® AC Park + System For Ramps

KEMPERDUR® AC Park+ was specially created for use on ramps, where high shearing forces occur.


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