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Kemperol Roofpatch

KEMPEROL® Roofpatch – Roof Patch for Temporary Roof Repair

KEMPER SYSTEM has developed a roof patch as a quick emergency solution that provides a temporary fix for a leaking roof.

The KEMPEROL temporary roof patch is able to protect damaged areas and provide temporary roof repair for damaged or leaking areas on flat or sloped roofs. Rapid sealing in tried-and-tested KEMPEROL® quality for cracks in bitumen sheets, PVC roofing sheets, concrete, wood, screed and metal.

The repair can be completed quickly with the patch being put in place very easily and effectively, to protect the roof in the short term, taking just 2 hours to be rain resistant. Fixing a leaking roof quickly is vital to prevent further damage and costs that can be avoided, with swift action and a temporary fix that is easy, fast and effective.

A KEMPEROL roof patch provides an easy and instant temporary roof repair that’s solvent free and utilises the tried and tested KEMPEROL® quality. The patch is applied wet with no further materials required to provide a strong seal over the area, which is able to withstand the elements for up to two weeks.


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