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Havwoods Introduces Veneer Finishes to its Vertical Collection

International wood flooring brand, Havwoods, has introduced nine stunning new designs to its popular Vertical collection of solid and engineered wood.

Adding a seamless finish to the rest of the home, the new designs provide the perfect feature for walls, doors, furniture and almost any other surface in the home.

Milled to 21st century taste, each board from the Vertical collection delivers a surface that is effortlessly easy to install and made to create a statement within interiors of all styles.

With a wide choice of highly textured designs available, consumers can choose from the cool grey tones of Spring to warm browns of Oshima for a distinct take on weathered wood designs.


Within the new Veneer products, Havwoods has also introduced one particularly standout finish that sets itself apart from any other wood surface – the YakiSugi.

This vibrant design is inspired by the traditional method of wood charring dating back to the 18th century, incorporating a range of different colours.

The process of the board manufacturing involves slightly charring the surface of the wood, which accentuates the grain and creates a distinct and rustic finish that will last for years to come.

Although the design works effortlessly for commercial interiors, the characterful panels also look equally artistic in the home setting and comes in a range of bright and vibrant colours, perfect for homeowners looking to add a quirky twist.

In addition to the colourful hues of YakiSugi, the new Creek design with its colourful patina and weathered surface also provides homeowners with a bright and inviting appeal to the modern home.



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Havwoods Introduces Veneer Finishes to its Vertical Collection 1