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What does ‘not cold to the touch’ mean?

Our Kee Access range of fittings have been developed to help satisfy the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 (previously DDA) and Building Regulation Approved Document M.

One of these requirements is that the rail and fittings are ‘not cold to the touch’ – but what exactly does this mean?

Not cold to the touch applies to external handrail where harsh winter conditions can result in the handrail becoming extremely cold. This could prevent people, particularly those who are sensitive to the cold, from using the handrail altogether, or could result in users involuntarily letting go of the handrail.

The only exception to this requirement is in areas where resistance to vandalism or low maintenance are key factors. In these instances metals with relatively low thermal conductivity may be appropriate.

Kee Systems

In order to comply with these regulations, the Kee Access range can be polyester powder coated to provide a surface that is not cold to the touch.

Other specific requirements include:

  • A tube diameter of between 40 and 45mm
  • A smooth and continuous handrail without any sharp edges or snag points
  • Be slip retardant
  • And provide a good visual contrast between the handrail and its background.

Kee Access

The Kee Access range meets all of the requirements, and the broad colour range also offers a variety of visual colour contrast options that not only help you to comply with the requirements of the DDA, but will also enhance any handrail, guardrail or balustrade.

Kee Access

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