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Heat pumps v Oil and Gas. A complete no-brainer!

George Clarke calls for big policy change from government on sustainable heating

I’ve recently moved to Gloucestershire. The reasons I’ve moved there is because it is staggeringly green, beautiful and in the particular area where I live the people are passionate about reversing climate change and protecting the environment.

I’ve kept my small place in London because I need to live between the capital and the countryside because of my job. Yes, I feel terribly guilty about owning a second home, but that’s for another blog altogether.

My place in London has an amazing low carbon air source heat pump, which I can honestly say I love, but my place in Gloucestershire, which I’ve only had for a few months, has an oil fired boiler and I hate it!

Our national dependency on oil and gas is way too high, but that is all about to change across the country as well as in my humble home in the countryside.

Heat pumps v Oil and Gas. A complete no-brainer! 1

Not prepared for even small increases

The Committee on Climate Change provides independent advice to the government on what actions it needs to take to reverse the damage we are causing to the planet.

The Committee published two ‘Progress Reports to Parliament’ on July 10th 2019, one entitled ‘View reducing UK Emissions’ and ‘Preparing for Climate Change’ making key recommendations such as NET-ZERO policy being embedded across all levels and departments of government.

But, there were also some damning judgements that the country is not prepared for even the smallest increases in global temperatures and that many national plans and policies lack “a basic acknowledgment of long-term climate change”.

The government made an official response to these reports on the 15th of October 2019 and the CCC hit straight back on the same day with this.

“When it comes to preparing for the effects of climate change, the government’s approach continues to rest on the need for further research and guidance, instead of action”.

Go for the headline

UNBELIEVABLE! Let’s spend ages and ages TALKING about it and let’s not rush into DOING anything about it!

And as we all know, so often when the government does eventually act it doesn’t go far enough. Just do a tiny amount to get the announcement away and achieve that that all important headline!

Well, when it comes to climate change it needs to get its finger out and be brave and bold and for once it needs to go beyond big recommendations rather than scratch the surface of policy change.


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Heat pumps v Oil and Gas. A complete no-brainer! 2