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Outstanding Practical Surfaces

Combining a flawlessly smooth finish with outstanding practical qualities, Staron’s award-winning and revolutionary solid surface was specified throughout the kitchen of this modern family home.

The centrepiece of this project is the impressive, oversized kitchen island, which brings concealed functionality into the heart of the home. Using Staron’s Sanded Heron in a 12mm thickness, the island cleverly hides an impressive uprising within its centre. When the middle is electronically raised it reveals useful storage space including a cooking station, a study nook, a media tech zone and a bar. When the centrepiece is closed, the Staron worktops meet again to create one large, seamless island surface.


Staron’s light grey and smooth Fog is used for the remaining kitchen surfaces. The unique make up of Staron results in a surface that offers outstanding practical qualities, providing an innovative material that is both hygienic and durable in equal measure. The rare qualities of the material offer total flexibility, allowing the surface to be wrapped around the window, bench tops, side walls of the cabinetry and underside of the bulkhead for a seamless finish, which is not only hygienic but also reflects light around the room. LED strip lighting is recessed into the unique Staron material, creating a beautiful ambience.


The use of Staron enables clean lines in the space delivering a minimalistic look, while the colour provides an urban, yet coastal feel, which perfectly links the kitchen to its natural surroundings.



Design by Gavin Hepper, Concepts by Gavin Hepper.


Staron® Solid Surfaces are exclusively distributed in the UK by Blackheath Products Limited
0121 561 3939

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