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Stunning Wood Cladding by The Main Company

The Pool House: Stunning Wood Cladding by The Main Company

The most recent residential project, The Pool House, showcases The Main Company at its very best. This previously converted barn has had a complete regeneration and interior redesign to create a stunning pool house.

The Pool House - The Main Company


The Pool House - The Main Company

Striking wooden cladding adorns the huge vaulted ceiling in this exceptional private residence. Providing an extra dimension to this striking space, the cladding adds warmth, depth and character to the double height room, which would otherwise feel cold and vast.

Stunning Timber Cladding - The Main Company
Considering on-trend rustic finishes, The Main Company has supplied cladding that perfectly complements the old beams of the barn – paying homage to its heritage and bringing it up-to-date with a contemporary, stylish twist.

Stunning Timber Cladding The Main Company

The cladding also heavily contributes towards the sense of having brought ‘the outdoors in’, with natural materials playing a significant role in the organic aesthetic of The Pool House.

The building benefits from its beautiful setting with a private lake immediately behind, therefore making the use of reclaimed wood the perfect material of choice for this design scheme.

Using salvaged materials, The Main Company is able to produce unique, specialised solutions that are bound to impress guests, customers and clients alike, with hand-tailored products ranging from wood to copper.

Engineering original wood for flooring and wall cladding is one the company’s prized skills. No piece of wood is identical, no finished product the same – each piece of timber has a unique history.

Photography Credit: Design Emporium Ltd

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