Mitsubishi Electric City Multi Hybrid Vrf

Mitsubishi Electric delivers the sweet smell of success to Lush Ltd

Ethical cosmetics retailer Lush is now able to deliver energy efficient air conditioning to employees at its new office space in Poole thanks to the installation of Mitsubishi Electric’s City Multi VRF heat recovery system. 

Lush expanded its business with a new unit at Dolphin Quays, a complex made up of both residential apartments and office spaces. The units came equipped with running water and electricity, but Lush needed comforts for employees, including air conditioning, to be installed.

The solution came in the form of 12 ceiling-suspended City Multi VRF indoor units and one floor-positioned unit, installed by Modern Facilities Services, a Mitsubishi Electric Accredited Installer.

The system is able to move excess heat, generated from an area which is being cooled, to other parts of the building which need heating, helping to deliver the high levels of efficiency that Lush required. The City Multi system also offers outstanding energy saving performance, advanced control system and flexibility of design for specifiers and installers. The long pipe-runs and ability to connect up to 50 indoor units to one outdoor condenser means that it offers advanced, controllable energy efficient comfort to suit almost any building.

Krystal James, Project Coordinator at Lush, said,

“We wanted a system that would create a pleasant working environment for our staff, whilst fitting comfortably into the office environment. We also wanted to make sure we avoided any draughts for our employees.”

Two Lossnay Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) units were also installed at the site in order to remove stale air from the office. The units operate by capturing up to 80% of the temperature of the outgoing air, meaning less energy is needed to bring fresh outdoor air up to the indoor temperature.

There were a number of challenges during the installation which Mitsubishi Electric and Modern Facilities Services were able to overcome, including the need to create additional frameworks for the units to sit on, and working with a large amount of existing pipework at the site.

Gary Whitcher, Director at Modern Facilities Services, said,

“With a tight eight-week time scale to work towards, the team had to work hard and fast to ensure everything was delivered when promised. We are proud of the result and are pleased to hear that Lush Ltd is considering rolling out the same system to its other sites.”

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