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VitrA Water Saving Bathroom

VitrA’s Bathrooms Save Water

With the average person using 143 litres per day and 63% of that used in the bathroom, there is an increased pressure to become more sustainable and environmentally conscious in the home.

VitrA’s water saving bathroom sanitaryware, taps, mixers and flushing solutions make it easier to save resources without compromising on style.

Committed to reducing the use of non-renewable resources in manufacturing, all VitrA products are made in line with the Blue Life philosophy, set to the highest sustainable standards.

Tap aerators: VitrA Suit U Basin mixer 

Washing hands and faces and cleaning teeth – the bathroom sink is where a lot of water is used by a household. VitrA’s innovative water saving designs mean bathroom owners don’t have to compromise on style when becoming more water conscious.

VitrA Suit U basin mixer in copper medium pressure £200 and Frame TV inset washbasin £356
VitrA Suit U basin mixer in copper medium pressure £200 and Frame TV inset washbasin £356

A medium water pressure mixer, the Suit U design comes with an integrated water aerator: a small attachment that sits on the end of the tap. Adding streams of air into the water flow, less water is used in the same amount of time, a simple way to take control over water usage.

All encompassed in a stylish, modern mixer, it’s easy to create a bespoke bathroom that’s environmentally conscious.

Reducing flush volumes: VitrA Sento Wall-Hung WC Pan with Twin 2 dual flush Plate in Gold

VitrA Sento wall-hung WC pan RRP £250 with Twin 2 flush plate in Gold RRP £86
VitrA Sento wall-hung WC pan RRP £250 with Twin 2 flush plate in Gold RRP £86

Flushed an average of 7.7 times a day per person, the WC is the main culprit for water wastage in the household.

Some of VitrA’S wall hung frames are manufactured with dual flushing options, meaning a single flush can use as little as between 2.5 and 4 litres of water, minimising wastage.

The Sento wall hung WC is a contemporary, modern model which would effortlessly add style to any bathroom, while having a positive impact on a home’s environmental footprint.

Reducing water usage whilst lowering bills: VitrA Aquaheat Thermostatic shower column

VitrA Aquaheat thermostatic shower columns start at £390.

With the rise of multi-generational living, thermostatic showers are a safe, cost-efficient solution for families, as they are designed to ensure a sustained temperature throughout a shower.

Thermostatic showers carefully mix hot and cold water and recognise changes to the water pressure in the house meaning both water and energy consumption is reduced.

The VitrA Aquaheat shower set is the perfect choice for those who want a luxury shower experience and control over their water usage and bills, and it has received WRAS approval after vigorous testing.

VitrA’s Aquaheat shower set comes with a thermostatic shower mixer, shower head and hand shower.

Guilt free bathing: VitrA Balance Bath

VitrA Balance Bath
Water saving Bathroom featuring: VitrA Aquaheat thermostatic shower column RRP £390

With a growing focus on well-being and having a space to relax, a soak in the bath is known to be stress reliever, but a huge water consumer.

However, smartly designed by VitrA, the Balance bathtub is shallower than a standard bath using less water to fill.

By altering the sloped end of the bath to 45 degrees, the user can still run a deep bubble bath whilst saving a significant amount of water.

Available in three sizes.



VitrA Background

VitrA is part of the Eczacıbaşı Group, one of Turkey’s most prominent industrial groups. Founded in 1958, VitrA is Turkey’s leading bathroom manufacturer.

In recent years VitrA has expanded into international markets and over 70% of VitrA’s total output is sold outside of Turkey. From 13 production facilities in Turkey, Germany, France and Russia, VitrA produces a full range of bathroom products including over 5.6 million pieces of sanitaryware along with complementary bathroom furniture, baths, brassware and bathroom accessories, which are distributed to over 75 countries on five continents.

VitrA UK, based in Oxfordshire, has been supplying the UK bathroom market for over 25 years and is an active member of the Bathroom Manufacturers Association and the British Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom Installation (BiKBBI).