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Lo-Carbon Response 7

Vent-Axia Launches Lo-Carbon Response 7 Range to Meet the Needs of Social Housing

The intelligent Lo-Carbon Response 7 from Vent-Axia is a new filterless unitary fan designed to meet the specific needs of social housing.

Replacing Vent-Axia’s original Lo-Carbon Response, the new Lo-Carbon Response 7 fan features a series of new and improved features to meet the changing needs of the sector including: an ultra-low profile for discreet installation; increased airflow performance; a new digital control menu; as well as a 7-year guarantee. Ticking all the right boxes for social housing the Response 7 range boasts powerful, quiet, efficient ventilation, helping provide good indoor air quality (IAQ) and comfort for residents, while being quick and easy to install, low maintenance and reliable.

With four new models: Response 7, Response 7 Pro, Response 7 SELV, Response 7 Pro SELV, the range boasts flexibility built into the digital control menu allowing it to meet the variety of needs encountered in social housing properties by offering, continuous ventilation, as well as constant volume and SELV options. Plus, the Response 7 (IPX7-rated on SELV models) is backwards compatible with previous Response installations, so it is easy to replace old units. The latest models also benefit from subtle aesthetics and an ultra-low profile for minimum impact in the home, allowing installation in tighter corners while achieving greater resident acceptability. There is also the option of a decorative frame to further improve aesthetics.

A continuous running fan that offers variable speed models, the powerful Response 7 is ideal for properties where a longer duct run is needed since the fan speed can simply be turned up as required, providing efficient ventilation whilst still maintaining low noise levels. The Response 7’s trickle airflow rate can be set between 5-30l/s, with a maximum boost of 35l/s for better air extraction. This high-performance trickle setting means that the boost function is needed less often and by installing just two fans, the Part F Building Regulation rates for a 4-bedroom house can be exceeded. The Response 7 also provides optimum performance and clarity with its innovative digital display showing the airflow and system pressure of the installed product.

“The new Response 7 range offers many benefits to social housing providers including an ultra-low profile for discreet installation; higher extraction rates to protect buildings from the effects of condensation and mould; SmartSenseTM technology for easy commissioning and data gathering; and a settings lock to prevent tampering. For residents, the Response 7 offers improved IAQ to protect health; smart humidity controls to avoid nuisance tripping; quiet running of just 18dB(A); and low energy usage to cut down on bills,” explains Tom Wodcke, Product Marketing Manager at Vent-Axia. “Plus, we’re so confident in the performance of the Response 7, it now comes with a 7-year warranty offering extra peace of mind.”

The addition of Smart SenseTM intelligent technology to the new Response 7 means a quick and easy install for electricians due to its simple alpha numeric LED display which is clear, easy to read and has a three-button menu for commissioning and data gathering. Smart SenseTM technology even tells the LED display which orientation to use depending on whether it is wall or ceiling mounted. All of which saves time on site and reduces installation complications. The Response 7 also benefits from a unique settings lock to prevent tampering with the unit; giving landlords peace of mind and helping reduce the number of disrepair cases.

For landlords Smart SenseTM technology also helps provide reassurance they are compliant with the Homes Act. The Smart SenseTM datalogger tracks fan usage to ensure it is used as intended. This includes data such as days run, hours on trickle or boost, and even more specifically, hours run on boost triggered by the humidity sensor. If a fan has been switched off and mould appears, the landlord will realise why and can discuss a solution with residents. This helps landlords make homes safer for residents by helping to avoid condensation and mould which can lead to respiratory problems and allergies. In addition, the LED display also shows real-time data so landlords can reassure residents of the low-running costs.

Designed to offer a more relaxing environment for households, the Response 7 features a delayed start option. This new, patented, comfort control option is selectable at installation and allows the resident to enjoy a quiet, peaceful bathroom for up to 20 minutes before the boost activates, improving resident acceptability. Furthermore, if the light switch turns on and off within 3 minutes, the boost will not activate – no more disturbing the family if the bathroom light is turned on during the night.

Innovative smart humidity controls also add to this peaceful environment. Many humidity fans detect moisture in the air and turn on to full boost straight away to deal with the moisture. In contrast, the Response 7’s advanced ambient response humidity algorithm on variable speed models operates on a rate of change in humidity, avoiding nuisance tripping. These clever fans also only boost to the amount needed, rather than jumping to full boost immediately, further reducing noise levels and increasing acceptability.

The Response 7 also features a new EC motor which uses mains input voltage, with the motor cassette fitted in the fan, which is easy to replace should the need arise. This energy efficient fan means low running costs which further aid resident usage and helps stop energy bill disputes. Vent-Axia selects motors which offer the lowest possible power consumption to lower carbon emissions for customers since every extra Watt used makes a huge difference over a product’s lifetime. Just 1 extra Watt means approximately 85kg more CO2 emitted into the atmosphere over 35 years.

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Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon Response 7