Specifier Review

There when you need them, hidden when you don’t – Covent Garden

Covent Garden as we all know is a busy and successful shopping and entertainment area. The technical services team required an outdoor power supply that would not impact on the Grade 1 listed site and its important aesthetics.

Pop Up Power Supplies delivered 6 retractable units for this particular site. The 450kg units are successfully buried beneath the beautifully cobbled piazza. When required they are raised by a simple removable turning handle. They do not have a negative impact on the historical surroundings as each unit has a lid created from the same cobbled stone as the rest of the piazza.

The cleverly hidden units are used throughout the year for temporary stalls and events. The area is supplied with both a combination of 16A and 32A sockets in both single and three phase, all with RCBO protection.

Pop UP Power can also supply electricity with their In-ground Units, that feature flip top lids and also Bollards in a variety of designs and specifications to suit the surroundings.

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